Drop Inlet Protection Products for Construction

Drop inlet protection devices prevent sediment, debris and pollutants from entering the stormwater system. These grates exist at the surface level and convey water to the drainage system. Choose from below grate sacks, high visibility protection and reusable frames.

Dandy Pop®

Tent-like device fully encloses drop inlet grate
High visibility orange monofilament fabric
Reliable alternative to silt fence box


High visibility international orange
Pops open quickly for easy installs
Easy to clean and maintain
Sized to fit most inlets


Drop inlet protection

The Dandy Pop® is a tent-like drop inlet protection device. This unique product sits on top of the inlet and fully encloses the grate. As sediment laden runoff flows into the Dandy Pop®, suspended solids are captured and filtered stormwater flows into the storm system.

The Dandy Pop® is made from high visibility orange monofilament geotextile fabric. This strong geotextile fabric is highly visible to machine operations and inspectors.

If properly maintained, the Dandy Pop® can be reused on multiple construction projects.

  1. Pop open the Dandy Pop® next to the inlet.
  2. Remove the grate from the inlet, slip it into the Dandy Pop.
  3. Pull the slack and seal the pouch.
  4. Holding the lifting straps, place the Dandy Pop® with the grate sealed inside, back onto the inlet. Make sure the grate fits securely into the opening.
  1. Remove any sediment that has accumulated on or near the Dandy Pop.
  2. Check the Dandy Pop’s containment area and remove any sediment build up.
  3. Pop open the Dandy Pop.
  4. Return the Dandy Pop to the inlet.
24″ x 24″
30″ x 30″
30″ x 48″
32″ x 32″
36″ x 36″
40″ x 40″
48″ x 48″
The Dandy Pop can be custom made to meet most grate sizes. If the size you need is not listed, contact our sales team with your grate dimensions.
Dandy Pop Specification
Dandy Pop Schematic
Dandy Products Brochure
Dandy Pop Brochure
VDOT Approved Inlet Protection Device

Dandy Sack®

Open-top sack hangs below inlet grate
High visibility orange monofilament fabric
Below grate inlet protection can be driven over by cars and equipment


Easy install
Straps connect to grate and add support
Compatible with oil absorbents
American Made


Drop inlet protection

The Dandy Sack® is a drop inlet protection device that hangs below the grate. As runoff flows into the storm drain, the Dandy Sack® collects debris and filters sediment laden runoff. As silt and sediment settles into the sack, filtered stormwater slowly flows into the storm system.

Unlike other drop inlet protection products, the Dandy Sack® can be driven over by cars and equipment.

  1. Remove the grate from the drop inlet.
  2. Stand the grate on its side.
  3. Place the grate into the Dandy Sack so that the grate is below the top straps and above the lower straps.
  4. Holding the lifting straps, replace the grate into the inlet so that the Dandy Sack hangs below.

The Dandy Sack® can easily be removed, cleaned and replaced. Inspect it periodically and after major rain events.

If the sack is 1/3 full of sediment, remove the Dandy Sack® and grate using the lifting straps. Empty the sediment and replace the Dandy Sack® and grate to the storm inlet.

15″ x 15″
24″ x 24″
24″ x 36″
24″ x 48″
30″ x 30″
32″ x 32″
36″ x 36″
40″ x 40″
48″ x 48″
The Dandy Sack can be custom made to meet most grate sizes. If the size you need is not listed, contact our sales team with your grate dimensions.
Dandy Sack Specification
Dandy Sack Schematic
Dandy Products Brochure
VDOT Approved Inlet Protection Device

Inlet Sentry

Donut drop inlet protection device
Top ring protects inlet from large debris
Exclusively made for Colonial Construction Materials


Two-part design to filter and protect inlets
Made to fit most inlet grates
Fast and easy to deploy
American Made


Drop inlet protection

The Inlet Sentry is custom made exclusively for Colonial Construction Materials. This storm drain inlet protection device sits on top of the drop inlet in order to control overflow. The donut-top is wrapped in nonwoven geotextile fabric. This unique design captures debris before it can flow into the storm system.

  1. Remove the drop inlet grate and place it inside the Inlet Sentry’s contaminant pouch.
  2. Secure the grate within the Inlet Sentry using the elastic bands.
  3. Place the grate and device in the inlet opening.

Inspect the Inlet Sentry periodically, especially after major rain events. Remove sediment and debris from Inlet Sentry.

24″ x 24″36″ x 36″
30″ x 30″42″ x 42″
32″ x 32″48″ x 48″
The Inlet Sentry is custom made to fit most grates. If you don’t see the size you need, contact our sales team with your drop inlet’s dimensions.
Inlet Sentry Specification
Dandy Products Brochure

Silt Sock for Drop Inlet Protection

Wattle filled with aged and shredded hardwood
Photodegradable multifilament polypropylene netting
Six sizes available plus custom-cut options


Heavy wattle stays in place
Multiple uses across construction sites
Economical inlet protection device


Inlet protection
Perimeter control
Slope interrupter
Check dam

Compost Filter Silt Sock is a sediment control product that is installed for curb and drop inlet protection.

Silt Sock is filled with 100% recycled wood chips. The wood chips filter sediment laden runoff as it stormwater passes through the sock. Compost Filter Sock is wrapped multifilament polypropylene, photodegradable mesh with 1/8” opening pore size. The net’s small opening size allows runoff to filter through the net while retaining the filter media within the filter sock. 

  1. Wrap the Silt Sock around the perimeter of the drop inlet.
  2. Overlap 2-feet of Silt Sock and secure the ends with zip ties or tie wire.
  3. In some applications, secure the Silt Sock wattle with Oak Stakes.

Inspect the Compost Filter Sock after major rain events and periodically in between rain events.

If the Silt Sock has been punctured and the filter material is flowing out of the wattle, repair or replace the Compost Filter Sock with a new wattle.

If the netting has been punctured but not compromised, replacement may not be necessary but you should monitor the Compost Filter Silt Sock carefully for further damage.

In many applications, the composted fill can remain on the construction site after final closeout. Cut the netting and spread the wood chips across the ground away from the inlets. Remove and properly dispose of the netting.

8″ x 10′18 per pallet
8″ x 200′1 pallet
12″ x 10′10 per pallet
12″ x 110′1 pallet
18″ x 55′1 pallet
24″ x 35′1 pallet
Compost Filter Sock for inlet protection typically 8″ or 12″.
Compost Filter Sock Spec
Compost Filter Sock for Inlet Protection

Dome Inlet Protection Device

Reusable dome structure with replaceable filter
Dome made of high molecular weight polyethylene (HWMPE)
Available with Round or Square base


Fast and easy installs
No-fail alternative to silt fence box
American Made
Low profile frames and DOT filters available
Adapter available for V-Grates


Long term, multi-phase projects
Highway construction

The Silt Saver Dome is a reusable drop inlet protection device that features a two-part frame and filter system. It is ideal for multi-phased construction projects that need enduring drop inlet protection.

The Dome is manufactured in Round and Square shapes. The dome’s frame is made of durable HMWPE (high molecular weight polyethylene).

The frame is covered with a nonwoven geotextile fabric filter that has built-in pockets at the base. Fill these pockets with aggregate to weight the Dome in place.

  1. Clear away any debris near the drop inlet.
  2. Verify the area surrounding the inlet is level and stable.
  3. Place the Dome frame on top of the inlet’s grate.
  4. Place the filter on top of the Dome.
  5. Fill the built-in pockets with stone or sand to weight the Dome in place.

Domes should be inspected within 24 hours of a major rainfall and at least daily during prolonged rainfall.

Any required repairs should be made immediately.

If more than 50% of the Dome is covered in silt, remove the silt from the filter while being careful not to damage the Dome or filter. Flush the Dome filter out to remove fine silt particles.

If the filter has been damaged or is ineffective prior to the end of the expected filter life, promptly replace the filter.

Inspect the filter’s pockets for damage and displaced stones. If the stone has been washed out or displaced, promptly clean out the pockets and replace the stone as needed.

Sediment deposits should be removed after each storm event. Deposits should be removed when they reach approximately one half the height of the black/gray filter fabric.

Dome filters should last more than 12 months unless exposed to regular severe weather or harsh work environments. If the filter has faded due to persistent UV exposure or been damaged from debris/ working conditions prior to the expected filter life, replace the filter.

Dome ShapeSize
Square62.25″ x 62.25″ x 27.5″
Round61.5″ Diameter, 31.5″ Tall
Square Silt Saver Dome Specification
Round Silt Saver Dome Specification
VDOT Approved for Inlet Protection

Inlet Protection Product Guide

This guide compares designs, applications and costs for curb inlet and drop inlet protection products to help you find the right solution for your project.

Filter sock protecting curb inlet

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