Soil and Hydromulch Additives

Apply soil and hydroseeding additives to improve overall soil health, accelerate turf establishment and improve application accuracy.

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Tackifier: Hydraulic Mulch Binder

Bonds hydromulch to slurry and soil
Blue visual indicator
Granular formula


Reduce friction in the hydroseeder pumps
Improve hydroseeding efficiency
Improves visual indication of applied area


Straw blowing

Add tackifier to your hydroseeder to improve efficiency during discharge and application. Tackifier reduces friction in the hydroseeder pumps which improves discharge when hydroseeding. Once the slurry is applied, tackifier bonds hydraulic mulch to the soil.

Tackifier is also used to bond straw to soil if you are blowing straw for erosion control.

We supply a granular tackifier that is dyed blue for visibility. This product is compatible with all fiber hydraulic mulches.

If you add our blue tackifier to your slurry, you do not need Turf Marker Blue.

SizeBulk Quantity
7oz Bottle9 Bottles/Case
Safety Data Sheet
Product Brochure

Turf Marker Blue: Application Indicator

Blue spray pattern indicator
Indicates warning and application area
Liquid formula


Easy to use
Mixes well with other products without compromising efficacy
Prevent oversprays and missed areas


Turf and ornamental
Right of way

This blue liquid dye is a visual indicator for hydroseeding, hydromulching and turf and ornamental applications.

For hydroseeding applications

Add Turf Marker Blue to the slurry along hydromulch and other additives.

Some hydraulic mulches and tackifiers are dyed green or blue during manufacturing.  If that is the case, turf marker blue is not necessary for your hydroseeding slurry.

For turf and ornamentals

This blue liquid dye is also used for applying landscape chemicals like herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Application rate will vary depending on turf color, turf height and spray applications.

Suggested application rate: 16-24 ounces per 100 gallons. For small spray applications use 2-3 ounces per 3 gallons.

SizeBulk Quantity
1 Gallon Jug4 Jugs/Case
2.5 Gallon Jug
Safety Data Sheet
Turf Marker Blue Product Label

Biotic Earth Biotic Soil Amendment

Top soil and compost alternative
Accelerates nutrient cycle by re-introducing good bacterias and organic matter
Offered in three variations: Black, Green or with Tack


Accelerates turf establishment in depleted soils
Improves vegetation survivability
Increases water holding capacity
Standard application rate every time (3,500 lbs per acre)


For soil with less than 5% organic matter
When topsoil for revegetation is poor quality
As an alternative to compost
Steep slopes or difficult conditions for top soil and compost install

Biotic Earth is a Biotic Soil Amendment (BSA) designed to accelerate the nutrient cycle and build healthy soil in order to improve permanent vegetative establishment.

Biotic Earth is composed of Peat Moss, thermally and mechanically processed straw and flexible flax fiber, plus multiple species of Mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria. The compost alternative reintroduces organic matter, beneficial bacteria and Mycorrhizal fungi to depleted soils that have been degraded from construction and mining.

Apply Biotic Earth hydraulically at a standard rate of 3,500 pounds per acre – regardless of slope or organic matter content.

Performance Properties according to ASTM D7322:

  • 1502% improvement in vegetation establishment and germination improvement
  • 308% increase in average plant height
  • 419% improvement in plant mass per area
SizeBulk Quantity
50lb Bale42 Bale/Pallet
Biotic Earth Black Spec
Biotic Earth Green Spec
Biotic Earth with Tack Spec

Before and After Applying Biotic Earth Black

After struggling to establish turf on this Virginia Beach BMP, the contractor applied Biotic Earth Black to the site. Less than one month later, the stormwater pond achieved widespread vegetation and met the coverage requirements for closeout.

REV™ Turf Pro Organic Growth Stimulant

Plant based humic agent
Increases fertility efficiency and improves soil vitality
Liquid formula


All-natural organic formula
Improves nutrient uptake
Contains naturally occurring microbes
Promotes rapid seed germination


Turf and ornamental
Golf courses

REV™ Turf Pro Formula is an all-natural plant based humic agent that improves germination for rapid growth and long term turf establishment.

REV™ is made from DAKOTA peat which is a highly decomposed high carbon peat. Unlike other humic agents, the humic acid in REV™ is not extracted with sodium hydroxide. The humic acids in REV™ bind micronutrients in the soil which are absorbed by plant roots and enhance seed establishment.

The natural formula has a close to neutral pH that resists pH change and naturally buffers high salt content. REV™ is effective in both high and low pH soils.

2.5 Gallon Jug
MSDS Sheet
OMRI Certificate
Product Brochure
REV for Hydroseeding

JumpStart™ Bio-Stimulant

Accelerates seed germination and turf establishment
Immediately effective
Liquid formula


Improve moisture infiltration and retention
Promote faster nutrient uptake
Maximize root development
Improve plant stress tolerance
Reduce soil compaction and salinity
Reduce nutrient leaching and runoff

JumpStart™ is a liquid formula that contains humic acid and more than 200 specifies of beneficial soil bacteria to jump start vegetative establishment.

Apply JumpStart™ hydraulically when hydroseeding for a fast, thorough and widespread application.

In a grass growth study utilizing ASTM D7322, JumpStart™ demonstrated the following outcomes compared to the control group:

  • 275% more seed germination
  • 281% greater plant height
  • 115% greater plant mass
SizeBulk Quantity
2.5 Gallon2 Jugs/Case
Safety Data Sheet
Jump Start Product Brochure

Lime for Hydraulic Applications


Quick acting calcitic limestone
37% Calcium and 1% PHCA
Coarse limestone
Provides Calcium to raise or maintain pH
Improves germination and stimulates root growth
Improves nutrient uptake
Quick response at low rate
Lawn care
Sports turf
Golf courses


Verde-Lawn is a fast-acting calcitic lime that should be applied for lawn care, sports turf, and large-scale seeding projects to improve soil acidity and nutrient uptake . Verde-Lawn is a coarse limestone that contains 37% Calcium and 1% PHCA. Verde-Lawn is also offered in Verde-Lawn Hydro which contains wetting agents to improve soil moisture retention.

To maintain pH and Improve moisture retention:

Apply 5 lbs/1,000 SF or 220 lbs/acre

To adjust pH:

Apply 10 lbs/1000 SF or 435 lbs/acre

SizeBulk Quantity
50 lb bag40 bags per pallet
Verde-Lawn Safety Data Sheet
Verde-Lawn Label

Liquid NeutraLime™

Soil neutralizer for hydraulic application
Sustained neutralization for improved turf establishment
Liquid formula
Fast acting formula (7-10 days)
Easy to handle
Mixes well with hydroseeding slurry
No dust
Turf and ornamental
Golf courses

NeutraLime™ Liquid is a neutralizing agent that controls soil’s pH, hardness and alkalinity. The fast acting liquid formula works within 7-10 days of application and is effective up to 6 weeks.

Liquid lime is designed for hydraulic application. For best results, the manufacturer recommends to apply NeutraLime™ through a hydroseeder and use in conjunction with a slow release agricultural lime for sustained soil neutralization.

Before applying NeutraLime™ conduct a soil test to determine the soil’s pH and nutrient content. A soil test will determine the application rate and the need for additional soil amendments.

Soil CharacteristicsApplication Rate
> 5.9 and ≤ 6.22.5
> 5.5 and ≤ 5.85
> 5.1 and ≤ 5.410
> 4.7 and ≤ 5.215
> 4.2 and ≤ 4.625
≤ 4.2contact manufacturer
SizeBulk Quantity
2.5 Gallon Jug2 Jugs/Case
Liquid NeutraLime Safety Data Sheet
Liquid NeutraLime Specification

Dry NeutraLime™

Highly concentrated calcium carbonate
Balances soil pH to neutralize acidic soil for up to 18 weeks
Dry formula
Fast results (3-7 days)
More concentrated than Pelletized Lime
Provides calcium and magnesium nutrients to soil
Mixes well with other materials in hydroseeder
Turf and ornamental
Golf courses

NeutraLime™ is a highly concentrated dry lime that balances pH by neutralizing acidic soil. When properly applied, NeutraLime™ improves pH within 3-7 days and lasts up to 18 weeks. This concentrated dry formula contains 50% more calcium carbonate than the most concentrated 2.5 gallon of liquid lime.

For best results, the manufacturer recommends to apply Dry NeutraLime™ through a hydroseeder and use in conjunction with a slow release agricultural lime for sustained soil neutralization.

Before applying Dry NeutraLime™ conduct a soil test to determine the soil’s pH and nutrient content. A soil test will determine the application rate and the need for additional soil amendments.

Soil CharacteristicsApplication Rate
> 5.9 and ≤ 6.240
> 5.5 and ≤ 5.880
> 5.1 and ≤ 5.4160
> 4.7 and ≤ 5.2240
> 4.2 and ≤ 4.6400
≤ 4.2contact manufacturer
SizeBulk Quantity
40lb Bag50 bags/pallet
Dry NeutraLime Safety Data Sheet
Dry NeutraLime Product Brochure

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