Hydroseeding Additives

Our additives improve soil health, accelerate turf establishment and improve application accuracy.


Hydraulic Mulch Binder and Dust Control


Reduce friction in hydroseeder pumps
Improve hydroseeding efficiency
Controls dust and binds with straw


Straw blowing
Pro Tack Plus
Tacking Agent 3 bag
Tacking Agent 3
Earth Tack
Earth Tack

Add tackifier to your hydroseeder to improve efficiency during discharge and application. Tackifier reduces friction in the hydroseeder pumps which improves discharge when hydroseeding. Once the slurry is applied, tackifier bonds hydraulic mulch to the soil.

Tackifier is also used to bond straw to soil if you are blowing straw for erosion control.

We supply three types of tackifier: Pro Tack Plus, Tacking Agent 3 and Earth Tack. Ask our sales team if you need help choosing the right tackifier for your project.

ProductSizeBulk Quantity
Pro Tack Plus7 oz. Bottle9 Bottles/Case
Tacking Agent 325 lb Bag
Earth Tack3 lb Jug

Turf Marker Blue

Application Indicator

Blue spray pattern indicator
Indicates warning and application area
Liquid formula


Easy to use
Mixes well with other products without compromising efficacy
Prevent oversprays and missed areas


Turf and ornamental
Right of way

This blue liquid dye is a visual indicator for hydroseeding, hydromulching and turf and ornamental applications.

For hydroseeding applications

Add Turf Marker Blue to the slurry along with hydromulch and other additives.

Some hydraulic mulches and tackifiers are dyed green or blue during manufacturing.  If that is the case, turf marker blue is not necessary for your hydroseeding slurry.

For turf and ornamentals

This blue liquid dye is also used for applying landscape chemicals like herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Application rate will vary depending on turf color, turf height and spray applications.

Suggested application rate: 16-24 ounces per 100 gallons. For small spray applications use 2-3 ounces per 3 gallons.

SizeBulk Quantity
1 Gallon Jug4 Jugs/Case
2.5 Gallon Jug
Safety Data Sheet
Turf Marker Blue Product Label

Growth Stimulants

Accelerate vegetation establishment

REV™ Turf Pro Organic Growth Stimulant

Plant based humic agent
Increases fertility efficiency and improves soil vitality
Liquid formula


All-natural organic formula
Improves nutrient uptake
Contains naturally occurring microbes
Promotes rapid seed germination


Turf and ornamental
Golf courses

REV™ Turf Pro Formula is an all-natural plant based humic agent that improves germination for rapid growth and long term turf establishment.

REV™ is made from DAKOTA peat which is a highly decomposed high carbon peat. Unlike other humic agents, the humic acid in REV™ is not extracted with sodium hydroxide. The humic acids in REV™ bind micronutrients in the soil which are absorbed by plant roots and enhance seed establishment.

The natural formula has a close to neutral pH that resists pH change and naturally buffers high salt content. REV™ is effective in both high and low pH soils.

2.5 Gallon Jug
MSDS Sheet
OMRI Certificate
Product Brochure
REV for Hydroseeding

JumpStart™ Bio-Stimulant

Accelerates seed germination and turf establishment
Immediately effective
Liquid formula


Improves moisture infiltration and retention
Promotes faster nutrient uptake
Maximizes root development
Improves plant stress tolerance
Reduces soil compaction and salinity
Reduces nutrient leaching and runoff

JumpStart™ is a liquid formula that contains humic acid and more than 200 species of beneficial soil bacteria to jump start vegetative establishment.

Apply JumpStart™ hydraulically when hydroseeding for a fast, thorough and widespread application.

In a grass growth study utilizing ASTM D7322, JumpStart™ demonstrated the following outcomes compared to the control group

275% more seed germination
281% greater plant height
115% greater plant mass
SizeBulk Quantity
2.5 Gallon2 Jugs/Case
Safety Data Sheet
Jump Start Product Brochure
Seedling sprouting

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