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Construction of reliable energy systems is vital to the success of our nation.

We collaborate with developers, engineers and contractors that are constructing both traditional and renewable energy infrastructure.

Renewable Energy Construction in the Mid-Atlantic

We supply EPCs, developers and solar contractors with reliable site work solutions for private and utility scale solar farms in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.

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Site Work Supplier for Mid-Atlantic Solar Construction

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“When it comes to providing swift service and VE, Colonial Construction Materials has helped Jones Power through multiple tough spots on large scale solar projects. Their sales team is always ready to lend a helping hand to a customer in need of a quick turnaround, a viable alternative in material, or/and cost savings. I would highly recommend going to them for your environmental needs.”

Austin Brannan
Project Manager
Jones Power

Engineered Solutions for Solar Development

We supply the materials you need to tackle the environmental challenges that threaten utility-scale solar development like soil stabilization, turf establishment and controlling runoff.

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Soil Stabilization Success Stories

Featured Renewable Energy Projects

Spotsylvania Solar Farm

Spotsylvania Solar

617 MW in Spotslyvania, VA
AltaVista Solar

Altavista/Dragonfly Solar

80 MW in Altavista, VA
Oceana Solar Farm

Oceana Solar

18 MW in Virginia Beach, VA
Puller Solar Farm

Puller Solar

15 MW in Middlesex, VA
GEOWEB for Simba Solar in Brandywine, MD

Brandywine Solar

Community Solar Farm in MD

“Working in Virginia, we knew managing our erosion control and vegetation was critical to the success of the Spotsylvania Solar project. At over 3000 acres of cleared land, we needed someone who would be able to keep up with the demand of BMPs we would need to stop erosion and achieve vegetation growth. Colonial Construction Materials was integral to the project as they provided large BMP deliveries multiple times per week. They were able to source difficult to find geotextiles and seed mixes, maintain solid inventory and provide us extensive customer support even through the pandemic. I would recommend working with CCM for any project big or small if you want a dependable and knowledgeable source of materials for your project.”

Emily Raymond
Assistant Superintendent

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