Coir Mat and Jute Matting for Natural Erosion Control

Choose coir matting and jute for environmentally friendly erosion control matting. Our coir mats and jute fiber blankets are biodegradable, making them the safe choice for soil stabilization on environmental resiliency projects.

Coir Matting

High strength erosion protection matting
Made of knotted and twisted coconut fibers
Multiple variations available to meet strength and design requirements


Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
Naturally absorbs and retains water to provide ideal conditions for vegetation establishment
High tensile strength and exceptional durability


Stream restoration
Coastal protection
Wetland remediation
Environmental resiliency projects
PropertiesCoir 400Coir 700Coir 900Coir 1000
Length6.56 ft and 13.1 ft6.56 ft and 13.1 ft6.56 ft and 13.1 ft13.1 ft
Width165.0 ft165.0 ft165.0 ft165.0 ft
Mass per unit area11.8 oz/sy20.6 oz/sy26.5 oz/sy33.3 oz/sy
Functional Longevity4-6 years3-5 years3-5 years3-5 years
Recommended slope< 1:1> 1:1> 1:1> 1:1

Coir matting is made from exceptionally strong coconut fibers. After the fibers are well cleaned and fresh-water cured, the coconut fibers are twisted and knotted to create a coir mat.

Coir matting is all natural, 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. These blankets are ideal for stream restoration projects, bioengineering construction and environmental resiliency projects that require a strong but natural erosion control product – free of polypropylene and netting.

All-natural coir matting creates an ideal environment for vegetation to thrive. The coir fibers retain and absorb water but are naturally resistant to mold and rotting. As coir breaks down, it provides nutrients to the soil and safely becomes a part of the ecological cycle.

Coir Matting in Application

Ohio Creek Resilience Park plans

Ohio Creek Watershed

Environmental resiliency in Norfolk, VA
Thalia Stream Restoration

Thalia Stream Restoration

Stream bank restoration in Newport News, VA

Coir Wrap

Doubly-layered coir matting
High strength outer coir fabric plus inner layer of lightweight jute fabric


Coir fabric provides strength
Inner jute fabric retains fines
Ideal for steep slopes and high velocity channels


Stream restoration
Landscaping and bioengineering

Coir Wrap is a double layered biodegradable erosion control fabric made up of an outer layer of high strength coir fabric and an inner layer of lightweight jute fabric, tied together at regular intervals. Coir Wrap is ideal for fabric wrapped soil construction applications on steep slopes and along streambanks. The coir fabric reinforces soil lifts, high density plantings, native seeds and a reinforced stone toe to protect against toe scour. Coir provides erosion protection and aesthetic benefits while soil stabilizes and vegetation establishes.

Eco Jute


Short term erosion control matting for low-risk sites
Slopes up to a 3:1 grade


100% biodegradable
Lightweight and strong
Vegetation grows through jute netting


Coastal restoration
Stream restorations

Although “jute mat” is used to identify all sorts of erosion control blankets, this category of temporary erosion blankets is truly made from jute fiber. Jute is a rope-like fiber that is strong, lightweight and 100% biodegradable. Jute mats have a more open weave compared to the other rolled erosion control products.

Eco-Jute is a 100% biodegradable jute mat. This lightweight mat is ideal for mild erosion problems, specifically in sandy or clay soil. Eco-Jute can be installed on slopes up to 3:1 and applications that require less than one year of control.

Anti-Jute is a heavier jute mat that can last up to 1-2 years when properly installed. With approximately 60% opening space, Anti-Wash Jute leaves plenty of room for seedlings to grow through the matting to create an established turf system. Choose Anti-Wash for slopes up to 2H:1V and sites that have severe erosion issues.

Eco-Jute in the Field

Naval Base Gun Range

After stabilizing the berm with GEOWEB® geocell, the berm was covered with Eco-Jute for additional erosion protection.

Eco-Jute biodegradable erosion control blanket

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