Artificial Turf for Low Maintenance Landscapes

Artificial turf is a low-maintenance alternative to natural grass that looks just as good as the real thing. Artificial grass is no longer just for commercial properties, mini golf and sports fields. Homeowners and commercial property developers alike find artificial grass to be an attractive alternative to a natural lawn because of the life-time cost, diverse applications and limited required maintenance. 

Why Choose of Artificial Turf?

Year round green without the upkeep
Reduce monthly maintenance costs by eliminating mowing and fertility treatments
Create a more unique landscape

Types of Artificial Turf

Our premium artificial turf is available in multiple colors and styles. Artificial grass has natural thatching sewn in into the urethane backing in order to perfectly mimic the look of real grass.

Meraki Collection

The Meraki collection of synthetic turf offers three unique options to create the outdoor space you’ve been longing for.

As our best-selling residential artificial turf, Meraki offers homeowners a low-maintenance lawn free of fertilizers and herbicides so you can let the pets and kids roll around in the green grass all year long.

Tips Elite

The Tips Collection of artificial turf offers a realistic and firm putting surface that will play true, giving you consistent ball roll while still being receptive to approach shots.

K9 Turf

Animals will love their new artificial turf and you will too! This tough turf and drainage system makes life easier by creating a yard or dog park that requires almost no maintenance. Synthetic turf is safe, easy to clean, and does not require pesticide and fertilizer treatments.

Synthetic turf landscape with hardscape edging

Learn More About Synthetic Turf

Learn everything you need to know about synthetic turf in our article A Comprehensive Guide to Synthetic Turf including cost analysis, installation details and common applications.

Is Artificial Turf Right For You?

Does your property lack irrigation or have limited access to water?
Does your lawn have a heavy volume of foot traffic?
Are your dogs constantly tearing up your lawn and causing dead spots?
Do you find it difficult to achieve consistent grass growth?
Do you need to cut back your monthly maintenance budget?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to make the switch.

Contact our sales team with your questions and project details. We can provide pricing, samples and product suggestions.

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