Marking Paint and Flagging Tape for Construction

Explore our selection of Marking Paint and Tape for identifying underground utilities and flagging caution areas on the job site. Whether you prefer to mark utilities with paint or flag excavation areas with tape, we have the materials you need to get the job done.

Marking Utilities and Flagging Construction Areas

Identifying underground utilities and pipes is required before construction. Before you dig, a mark the ground with grass-safe Marking Paint or flag it with a grade stake and Flagging Tape. If you are marking an area for construction work, pick a color (like our white or pink fluorescent paint) that doesn’t represent an underground pipe or utility line.

ColorUnderground Utility
Redelectric power lines, cables, conduit, and lighting cables
Orangetelecommunication, alarm or signal lines, cables, and conduit
Yellownatural gas, oil, steam, petroleum, and other gaseous or flammable material
Greensewer and drain lines
Bluepotable (drinking) water
Purplereclaimed water, irrigation, and slurry lines
Whiteproposed excavation limits or route
Cans of Marking Paint

Marking Paint

Mark utilities and construction work areas with Marking Paint. Choose from pink, white, orange, green or blue paint. For optimal accuracy, use the Marking Paint Wand.

We stock 20-ounce cans of waterbased marking paint with an inverted tip. Marking paint is available by the can or the case.

Solvent based paints and additional colors may be available upon request.

Blue Fluorescent Waterbased 20 oz. Can12 Cans/Case
Green Fluorescent Waterbased 20 oz. Can12 Cans/Case
Orange Fluorescent Waterbased 20 oz. Can12 Cans/Case
Pink Fluorescent Waterbased 20 oz. Can12 Cans/Case
White Waterbased 20 oz. Can12 Cans/Case
Water Based Marking Paint Specification
Solvent Based Marking Paint Specification
Multiple colors of flagging tape

Flagging Tape

Tie Flagging Tape to 3-foot grade stakes to mark utilities, perimeters and construction hazards. Choose from blue, green, white or yellow Flagging Tape.

Tape is available by the roll or the case.

Flagging Tape stock is limited. This item will be discontinued once stock is depleted.

Contact us for special pricing if you are interested in in-stock colors.

Blue Flagging Tape12 Rolls/Case
Green Flagging Tape12 Rolls/Case
White Flagging Tape12 Rolls/Case
Yellow Flagging Tape12 Rolls/Case
Yellow/Black/Yellow Woven Tree Tape

Woven Tree Tape

Choose Woven Yellow and Black Tree Tape for tree protection on construction sites. The woven webbing tape is a high visibility alternative to barrier fence. Woven Tree Tape offers more installation flexibility than tree tape which makes it ideal for sites in heavily wooded areas.

Woven Yellow/Black/Yellow Tree Tape is available by the roll or the case.

2″ x 200′48 Rolls/Case
Caution Tape

Caution Tape

Mark hazard areas on construction sites with Caution Tape. The high visibility yellow tape has “CAUTION” bold printed in black on the 3 inch wide tape.

Caution Tape is available by the 1000-foot roll or by the case.

3″ x 1000′12 Rolls/Case

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