Grate covering drain box

Drainage Problems and Solutions

It is critical for commercial, municipal and residential properties to have successful drainage systems. When the right products are installed properly, water can be controlled, detained or redirected in order to prevent flooding and erosion.

Most properties face similar problems.  Impermeable surfaces, topography and usage all affect the severity of the drainage problem.

Common Commercial Drainage Problems:

  • Runoff water from roof
  • Ponding in parking lots
  • Poor drainage on golf courses
  • Poor drainage on athletic fields
  • Water pooling in impermeable community areas such as patios, walkways or pool decks

Common Residential Drainage Problems:

  • Water ponding in the yard, driveway or patio areas
  • Downspout runoff
  • Water traveling from roadways or other properties to your yard
  • Water pooling in gardens or mulch beds

Many of these problems can be solved by installing French Drains, Channel Drain Systems or Detention and Filtration Systems.

Each of these systems require a combination of products that can include pipe, fittings and NDS solutions.

NDS Products

NDS is the leading provider of high quality and innovative drainage solutions. As a NDS commercial dealer, we are able to provide Pro-Series products to business and home owners alike. The entire NDS product line is available through Colonial but we keep the most in-demand products in stock.

Stocked NDS Drainage Solutions:

  • Drain Box Kits
  • Pop-Up Emitters
  • Risers
  • Grates
  • Channel Drains
  • Trench Drains
  • EZ-Flow Pipe
  • Adapters
  • Ferncos

If the product you are looking for isn’t stocked we can ship direct to your site or warehouse.