Erosion Control Blankets - Colonial Construction Materials
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Erosion Blankets

Stabilize Slopes with Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion control blankets provide vegetative support and prevent soil and seed from washing away. Blankets can be installed on steep slopes, pond embankments, stream restoration projects, channels and anywhere you are experiencing soil erosion. Erosion control blankets are divided into two categories: Temporary or Permanent. Under each category you will find various materials all of which are designed with separate goals in mind. Find out more about each blanket under the Specifications section.


Temporary Erosion Control Blankets are roll-like blankets composed of natural materials that are both photodegradable and biodegradable.  Straw, coconut, excelsior, jute and coir are all used to manufacture Temporary ECBs. Each material has unique qualities that determine the blanket’s cost, degradability and ability to withstand erosion. Install these blankets on 4:1 to 2:1 slopes and low velocity channels.

Temporary ECBs
  • Straw | Single Net, Double Net + All Natural Netting available
  • Coconut | Straw Coconut, 100% Coconut
  • Excelsior | Curlex I, Curlex II, Curlex Net Free + All Natural Netting available
  • Jute | Anit-Wash Jute, Eco-Jute
  • Coir | Coir 400, Coir 700, Coir 900, Coir 1000


Turf Reinforcement Blankets

Turf Reinforcement Blankets are permanent erosion control blankets made of polypropylene fibers or a composite of natural and polypropylene products. These blankets provide a stable surface for initial growth on high volume channels or steep slopes. They remain indefinitely to support long lasting stem and root structures.

Permanent TRMs
  • PP-Fiber | PP5-8, PP5-10
  • Recyclex | Recyclex TRM,  Recyclex TRM-V



Bio-stakes • Sod Pins • Sod Staples    • Staple Guns


Straw Blankets

Coconut Blankets

Excelsior Blankets

Curlex® I
Curlex® I FibreNet™
Curlex® I NetFree™
Curlex® II
Curlex® II FibreNet™

Jute & Coir Products

Anti-Wash Jute
KoirMat 400™
KoirMat 700™
KoirMat 900™
CoirWrap 1000™

Turf Reinforcement Blankets

Recyclex® TRM
Recyclex® TRM-V
Excel PP5-8™

Installation Accessories

Sod Staples


Download Spec

12″ Sod Pin


Download Spec

Staple Wasp Gun and Staples

Erosion Blanket Installation Tool

Download Spec

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