Fence Screen for Construction and Privacy

Fence Screen provides privacy, protection and promotional opportunity for construction sites and events.

Branded perimeter control surrounds urban apartment complex

Common Applications for Privacy Screen

  • Construction sites
  • Residential developments
  • Commercial developments
  • Government properties
  • Sports complexes
  • Events
  • Industrial yards
  • Tennis courts

Fence Screen is fully customizable and available in multiple materials, colors, and styles, including custom graphics and logos. Also known as windscreen and privacy screen, Fence Screen controls wind flow through your site while blocking UV rays and providing privacy around construction perimeters.

Ready-to-Ship Screen

Pre-designed caution screen for construction sites

Caution Fence Screen

Our pre-designed Caution Screen is a high visibility woven yellow screen that attaches to chain link fence. The screen includes hazard warnings for your site’s security and safety.

Size: 5’8″ X 50′

Compatible with 6-foot Chain Link Fence

90% Blockage Panels

This economical fence screen is produced from polypropylene fibers. The woven heavy weight screen has high UV resistance and withstands wind and sun exposure.

Colors: Black or Green

Size: 5’8″ x 50′

Compatible with 6-foot Chain Link Fence

Custom Fence Screen

We are updating our custom product information. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

See Fence Screen In Action

Explore some of our previous wind screen designs.

Why do you need Fence Screen?


Fence Screen is also referred to as Privacy Screen. It is commonly installed on construction sites, stock yards and commercial developments that want to keep the yard privately secured. Privatize and upgrade debris containments by wrapping the unsightly area in green or black screen. Privacy Screen attaches to chain link fence with ties and grommets and can block visibility up to 100%.


Fence Screen enhances chain link by creating a visual and physical blockage. Also known as Wind Screen, the material is used to protect sites from natural elements like wind and sun.  Safety warnings can be printed on Wind Screen to draw attention to the hazards of construction sites. These caution screens notify workers of on-site safety requirements and caution potential trespassers against entering.


Fence Screen is a great opportunity to market and advertise your projects, products, and services. Include logos and project plans for commercial developments. Events and sports complexes use screen as advertising space for sponsors. High definition custom printing is available in multiple colors.

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