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Ground Protection Mats

Ground protection mats prevent heavy equipment, vehicles and pedestrian traffic from damaging the ground. At the same time, ground mats create stable surfaces so that vehicles and people can safely traverse soft soils.

GEOTERRA GTO mat supports heavy equipment

Ground Protection Mat Applications:

  • Construction events
  • Trails
  • Golf course renovations and maintenance
  • Beach accesses
  • Landscaping projects
  • Athletic field construction
  • Events

GEOTERRA Construction Mats

Connect multiple mats together with PADLOCs to create a custom-sized ground protection system
Heavy duty HDPE mat
Same cellular mold as the GEOBLOCK grass paver


Weather resistant recycled polyethylene
Safe and easy installations


ATV Trails
Construction access roads
Heavy equipment and vehicle storage
Temporary access for construction equipment

The GEOTERRA® heavy-duty HDPE construction mats support thousands of times their weight, yet they are light enough to install without the use of heavy equipment. These ground protection mats preserve a site’s integrity for short or long-term work at ball fields, stadiums, schools, commercial buildings, homes, and construction sites.

3.15′ x 1.57′ (0.48 m x 0.96 m)
Cells are 2″ deep (50 mm)
50 Units/Pallet
Installation Instructions
GEOTERRA Mats installed around statute at Arlington National Cemetery

Case Study | Arlington National Cemetery

GEOTERRA Mats provide ground transition and root protection at Arlington National Cemetery

GEOTERRA GTO Construction Mats

Strong and durable ground protection that supports heavy loads
Reusable heavy duty HDPE mat connects with bolts to make custom ground protection system
Open cell design for maximum water infiltration


40-70% lower cost than heavier composite and timber mats
Fast and easy deploy – no heavy equipment required
Delineation with yellow bolts


Construction sites
Mining roads
Utility projects

The heavy duty GEOTERRA GTO Mats are made from a high strength blend of polymers. Connect GEOTERRA GTO mats with bolts (yellow bolts are available for delineation) to build a ground protection system that can be used for construction sites, mining roads, helipads and utility projects.

17.5″ x 36.5″ (0.44 m x 0.93 mm)
Cells are 2″ deep (50 mm)
46 Units/Pallet
Installation Instructions

GEORUNNER Turf and Scour Protection Mats

Landscape mats for vehicle and light equipment transition
Protects grass while creating drivable surface
Open cell system allows water and light to filter through


Weather resistant polymer construction won’t rot
Easy to clean and store
Prevents rutting and turf damage


Stormwater channels and containment ponds
Swales and drainage ditches
Shoreline embankments
Construction vehicle access
Foot traffic for events

The GEORUNNER® Scour Protection Mats are an economical solution for protecting soils from scour in erosive environments. This mat protect soil from erosion and vegetation loss in areas with intermittent or concentrated flows and offers resistance to shear stresses, including channels, shorelines, and culvert outfalls. 

The GEORUNNER mats also protect soil from light-to-medium traffic loads from vehicles and other foot traffic. The mats reduce soil compaction and turf damage and can be used for temporary or long-term use.

2′ x 4′
Cells are 0.5″ deep
252 Units/Pallet
Installation Instructions
Beige composite ground protection

Composite Ground Protection Mat

Heavy-duty HDPE ground transition mats
Cleated ground access mat for optimal traction
Offered in beige or black


Lightweight and portable access mats
Supports up to 80 tons
Doesn’t splinter under pressure
Reusable up to 7 years


Temporary access for construction projects
Work platforms for heavy equipment
Pedestrian walkways
Beach access
Golf course

Composite ground transition mats are a reliable choice for construction and events. Our durable HDPE ground access mats are made from post-industrial recycled plastic.

Each HDPE mat has a cleated design on one slide and a non-slip surface on the other side. This design offers optimal traction between the mat, the ground and the load.

Composite mats can support up to 200 psi depending on surface conditions.

Reuse your composite ground protection mat again-and-again to get the best return on your investment.

1/2″ x 4′ x 8′ Beige HDPE Mat
1/2″ x 4′ x 8′ Black HDPE Mat

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