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Ground Protection Mats

Ground protection mats prevent heavy equipment, vehicles and pedestrian traffic from damaging the ground. At the same time, ground mats create stable surfaces so that vehicles and people can safely traverse soft soils.

Use ground protection mats for the following applications:

  • construction sites
  • construction entrances
  • events
  • trails
  • golf courses
  • beach accesses
  • landscaping projects
  • athletic field construction

Types of Ground Mats

The industry’s first ground mat was a wood mat, also known as a timber mat. Wood mats are still widely used for construction ground transition but if you’re looking for a more reliable and user friendly mat, consider Presto Geosystem’s GEOTERRA and GEOTERRA GTO Construction Mats.

GEOTERRA® and GEOTERRA GTO Construction Mats

The GEOTERRA® heavy-duty HDPE construction mats support thousands of times their weight, yet they are light enough to install without the use of heavy equipment. These ground protection mats preserve a site’s integrity for short or long-term work at ball fields, stadiums, schools, commercial buildings, homes, and construction sites.

GEOTERRA construction mat

GEOTERRA Construction Mats

The GEOTERRA mats have the same cellular molds as the GEOBLOCK grass pavers. Connect multiple GEOTERRA mats together with PADLOCs to create a custom-sized ground protection system.

Common applications for GEOTERRA ground protection mats include:

  • ATV Trails
  • Construction Access Roads
  • Heavy Vehicle & Equipment Storage
  • Temporary Access for Construction Equipment

3.15′ x 1.57′ (0.48 m x 0.96 m)

Cells are 2″ deep (50 mm)

Installation Instructions
GEOTERRA GTO construction mat

GEOTERRA GTO Construction Mats

The heavy duty GEOTERRA GTO Mats are made from a high strength blend of polymers. Connect GEOTERRA GTO mats with bolts (yellow bolts are available for delineation) to build a ground protection system that can be used for construction sites, mining roads, helipads and utility projects.

17.5″ x 36.5″ (0.44 m x 0.93 mm)

Cells are 2″ deep (50 mm)

Installation Instructions

GEORUNNER Turf and Scour Protection Mats

The GEORUNNER® Scour Protection Mats are an economical solution for protecting soils from scour in erosive environments. This mat protect soil from erosion and vegetation loss in areas with intermittent or concentrated flows and offers resistance to shear stresses, including channels, shorelines, and culvert outfalls. 

The GEORUNNER mats also protect soil from light-to-medium traffic loads from vehicles and other foot traffic. The mats reduce soil compaction and turf damage and can be used for temporary or long-term use.

Applications Include:

  • Stormwater Channels & Containment Ponds
  • Swales & Drainage Ditches
  • Shoreline Embankments
  • Construction Vehicle Access
  • Concentrated Foot Traffic During Special Events

2′ x 4′

Cells are 0.5″ deep

Installation Instructions

Timber Ground Protection

Wood Mats

Wood Mats are the industry’s oldest form of ground protection. They are reusable, strong, and the most natural ground transition product. These hardwood mats are available in a variety of strengths and sizes. Wood Mats are battle tested and reliable. Therefore, they are ideal for pipeline projects, large scale utility work, and disaster relief.

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