Concrete Mix and Cold Patch for Projects and Repairs

Explore our bagged concrete mix and road repair products for fast and effective results. We supply QUIKRETE® and Perma-Patch® products because these two manufacturers are the industry leaders for fast-setting concrete and asphalt repairs.

Perma-Patch® Pot Hole Solution

Perma-Patch pot hole solution

Perma-Patch® is the premier cold patch solution for cracks in roads, cart paths and driveways. This bagged road repair product quickly, effectively and permanently fills potholes and cracks in asphalt and concrete. Simply pour in and tamp down, no mixing or special site prep required. Perma-Patch® can even be applied directly to water filled potholes.

Perma-Patch Applications:

  • Potholes
  • Utility cuts
  • Parking lots
  • Cart paths
  • Around man cover holes
  • Around utility boxes

Product Features

  • Use in temperatures 0°F to 100°F
  • Accepts traffic immediately
  • Place directly in water-filled holes
  • Watertight seal for asphalt and concrete

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Perma-Patch® For Utility Cuts

Perma-Patch® For Pot Holes

Standard Mix60lb Bag50 Bags/Pallet
Pails are available upon request. 60lb bags are stocked
Strategic Highway Research Project Report
Installation Instructions
Product Brochure


QUIKRETE® is the industry leader for bagged concrete mix. As a QUIKRETE® Authorized Dealer we supply the entire product line including Fast Set Concrete Mix and QUIKRETE® Mix.

Quikrete Fast Setting Concrete Mix

QUIKRETE® Fast Set Concrete Mix

Choose this fast setting concrete for commercial and residential projects that need quick results. Mix the Fast Set Concrete Mix with water and wait while product sets in 20-40 minutes.

Fast Set Concrete is great for include:

  • Setting posts (mail boxes, lamps, basketball posts and deck posts)
  • Repair sidewalks and steps
  • Appliance slabs
Fast Set Concrete Mix (1004-50)50lb Bag64 Bags/Pallet
Safety Data Sheet
Quikrete Concrete Mix


This ready-to-use mix includes portland cement, sand and gravel. Combine QUIKRETE® with water and apply for a range of construction and repair projects.

Common applications include:

  • setting foundations
  • setting footings and posts
  • appliance platforms
  • floor slabs
  • patios
  • walkways
  • driveway repairs
Quikrete Mix (1101-40)40lb Bag80 Bags/Pallet
Quikrete Mix (1101-60)60lb Bag56 Bags/Pallet
Safety Data Sheet

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