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Hydraulic Biotic Soil Amendment

Improve soil health and accelerate turf establishment with Biotic Earth™ Biotic Soil Amendment.

Biotic Earth™ Black Biotic Soil Amendment

Top soil and compost alternative
Accelerates nutrient cycle by re-introducing beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi and organic matter
Offered in three variations: Black, Green or with Tack

Biotic Earth is a Biotic Soil Amendment (BSA) designed to accelerate the nutrient cycle and build healthy soil in order to improve permanent vegetative establishment.

Biotic Earth is composed of Peat Moss, thermally and mechanically processed straw and flexible flax fiber, plus multiple species of Mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria. The compost alternative reintroduces organic matter, beneficial bacteria and Mycorrhizal fungi to depleted soils that have been degraded from construction and mining.

Apply Biotic Earth hydraulically at a standard rate of 3,500 pounds per acre – regardless of slope or organic matter content.

Performance Properties according to ASTM D7322:

1502% improvement in vegetation establishment and germination improvement
308% increase in average plant height
419% improvement in plant mass area
SizeBulk Quantity
50lb Bale42 Bale/Pallet
Biotic Earth Black Spec
Biotic Earth Green Spec
Biotic Earth with Tack Spec


Accelerates turf establishment in depleted soils
Improves vegetation survivability
Increases water holding capacity
Standard application rate every time (3,500 lbs per acre)


For soil with less than 5% organic matter
When topsoil for revegetation is poor quality
As an alternative to compost
Steep slopes or difficult conditions for top soil and compost install

Before and After Applying Biotic Earth Black

Witchduck Road in Virginia Beach
Virginia Solar Farm Revegetation
School Reconstruction in Virginia

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