Green Grass from Contractor's Blend

Vegetative Establishment

Developments, DOT projects, sports fields, golf courses, reclamation and renewable energy sites all require a site specific seed. Whether you need an erosion control solution or just a healthy green lawn, we’ve got something for you.

Common Seed Varieties

All seed is available as a 50 pound bag unless noted.

Contractor’s Blend

Specifically formulated to meet our region’s specification and changed seasonally for successful germination. Speciality varieties with coatings also available.


K-31, Three Way Fescue, and Quad-Fescue. Speciality varieties with coatings are changed seasonally.


German Millet and Brown Top Millet


Hulled Bermuda and Unhulled Bermuda

Shade Mix

Specifically formulated for successful germination in applications with little to no sunlight

Wetland Mix

Specifically designed for wetland protection and rehabilitation. Colonial stocks a standard Wetland Mix that is available in 1-5 lb bags. Region and site specific mixes are available.


Annual, Perennial, and Cereal (Winter Rye).

Green Tag Seed

Rye, Tall Fescue, Fine Fescue, Millet and Bermuda.

Specialty Mixes

Native Mixes, Wildflower Mixes, Restoration-Reclamation Mixes