The Best Grass Seed for Temporary Seeding and Overseeding

We supply a wide variety of grass seed for construction, commercial and residential seeding. Our warehouses stock pure varieties of Fescue, Rye, Bermuda and Millet as well as specialty blends like Contractor’s Mix Grass Seed and premium turf blends.

Through our partnerships with Pennington Seed and Ernst Seed, we source and supply hard to find varieties, custom grass seed blends and site-specific mixes to meet the exact growing demands of your soil.

Grass Seed Varieties

Our seed is not limited to the below varieties. If you don’t see the seed you are looking for, please contact our sales team.


Fescue Grass Seed is great for seeding both construction sites and residential landscapes. This cool-season variety germinates quickly, has good heat tolerance and typically grows well in both sun or shade. Fescue is a good seed for Mid-Atlantic states like Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and North Carolina.

Fescue Varieties

Tall Fescue

Kentucky 31

Fine Fescue

Kentucky Blue


Ryegrass is a cool-season grass that establishes quickly and has good cold-tolerance. Annual Rye Grass is ideal for temporary seeding which is why we often incorporate it into our Contractors Mix. Perennial Rye, on the other hand, is best for permanent seeding lawns, landscapes and new construction sites.

Rye Varieties

Annual Rye

Perennial Rye

Winter Rye/Cereal Rye


Bermuda is a warm season grass that is commonly found in coastal and southern regions. Bermuda Grass grows thick and full which gives it a unique appearance and feel. Coastal homeowners like Bermuda grass seed because it is relatively low maintenance. Bermuda is also green and thick in the Summer, and dormant during cooler months.

Bermuda Varieties

Unhulled Bermuda (seed still has shell)

Hulled Bermuda (seed shell has been removed)


Millet is a warm season grass that is tall and leafy. This grass seed variety establishes quickly and has great heat tolerance. We often incorporate Millet into our Summer Contractor’s Mix Grass Seed because it grows well in the Mid-Atlantic summer heat.

Millet Varieties

German Foxtail Millet

Brown Top Millet

Custom Seed Blends

We stock a seasonally adjusted Contractor’s Mix Grass Seed for temporary seeding construction sites in the Mid-Atlantic. If you need a site-specific mix for you project, we can provide a blend that meets your soil and sites needs.

Contractor’s Mix Grass Seed

Contractor’s Blend is blended specifically for quick germination on construction sites in the Mid-Atlantic. We adjust our Contractors Mix Grass Seed every season, every year so that you get results in every growing season. Contractor’s Blend is ideal for temporary seeding, erosion control and quick results.

Sun and Shade Mix

Sun and Shade Mix is designed for lawns that receive a combination of sunlight and shade. This blend flourishes in both direct sunlight and indirect sunlight.

Wetland Mix

Wetland Seed Mix is blended specifically for establishing healthy and consistent vegetation in wetlands. This seed mixture is recommended for stream restorations, RPA and wetlands.

We have a proprietary Wetland Seed Mix but can also custom mix blends for your environmentally sensitive sites.

Native Mix

A Native Mix is a custom blend of native grasses that are naturally occurring at a specific location. Native Mixes are often specified for environmentally sensitive areas like retention ponds, wetlands and buffers.

Soil tests and ecological reports can reveal what varieties should be included in the custom blend.

Pollinator-Smart Blends for Solar Farms

Seeding a solar farm with the right grass seed is critically important. Choosing the right mix ensures turf establishment and erosion control during construction and while reducing maintenance and improving the area’s ecological habitat after construction closeout.

Our team works with growers, engineers, general contractors, and sub-contractors to mix a custom blend that yields results and meets requirements for your solar farm project.

Learn more about our experience with solar farm seeding

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