Storm Drain Inlet Protection

Storm drain inlet protection products control runoff on construction projects.

Inlet protection products have two primary purposes: slow the velocity of water and filter pollutants. By dissipating the velocity of stormwater runoff, inlet protection products are able to control what flows into the stormwater system. At the same time, they capture harmful pollutants like nutrients, sediment and debris. As a result, filtered water flows through the sediment control product.

Types of Inlet Protection Products

Curb Inlet Protection

Drop Inlet Protection

About Curb Inlets and Drop Inlets

Most construction projects have a combination of curb inlets and drop inlets.

Curb inlets have horizontal openings and are located in the street’s gutter. These inlets can be open or grated. Inlet protection products for curb inlets include Compost Filter Sock, Excelsior Logs and Dandy Curbs.

There are also two-part inlets called curb and gutter inlets. These inlets have an opening along the curb and a grate on the street. If you need protection for curb and gutter inlets, try our Dandy Curb Sack, that is designed specifically for this type of inlet.

Drop inlets, on the other hand, are found in streets, medians and parking lots. These inlets have a grate that is located at the road’s surface. There are below surface and above surface drop inlet protection products. Above surface products like the Dandy Pop and Inlet Sentry are highly visible but you can’t drive over them. Below grate products like the Dandy Sack don’t inhibit traffic. It allows runoff to freely flow into the storm drain and capture sediment and debris before it enters the stormwater system.

Filter sock protecting curb inlet

Compare Storm Drain Inlet Protection Products

Inlet Protection Product Guide

This guide compares designs, applications and costs for curb inlet and drop inlet protection products to help you find the right solution for your project.

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