Curb Inlet Protection Products for Construction

Curb inlet protection products trap sediment and slow the velocity of runoff.

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Curb Inlet Protection Products

These storm drain protection products are designed for finished curb inlets and median inlets. Explore our curb inlet protection products to find the right product for your construction project.

Dandy Curb for curb inlet protection

Dandy Curb

The Dandy Curb is a porous cylindrical tube wrapped in an orange monofilament geotextile fabric. This storm drain inlet protection product is made for curb inlets that don’t have grates.

The high-visibility curb inlet protection device has a pouch that should be filled with aggregate. This pouch weights the Dandy Curb in place.

When placed in front of a curb inlet, the Dandy Curb filters runoff to prevent sediment and debris from infiltrating the stormwater system.

To find the Dandy Curb size you need, measure the size of the gutter opening and add two feet.
There should be one foot of over hang on both sides of the gutter.

Open the Dandy Curb’s velcro pouch and fill it with stone.

Reseal the pouch and place the Dandy Curb against the curb inlet.

There should be about a foot of overhang on both sides of the Dandy Curb.

Inspect the Dandy Curb after major rain events.

Remove any sediment that has built up on or near the Dandy Curb.

Dandy Curb Specification
Dandy Products Brochure
Virginia Department of Transportation Approved Materials List – List. 59

Excelsior Log with sediment buildup

Excelsior Log | Curlex® Sediment Log

The Excelsior Log is filled with Curlex® fibers and wrapped in degradable net.

The containment net has an open weave that allows runoff to easily filter through the Curlex® fibers. The curled Aspen wood fibers interlock to create a porous matrix that slows the velocity of runoff and filters sediment.

The Curlex® Sediment Log is lightweight, flexible and porous. In addition to curb inlet protection, the Excelsior Log can be specified for check dams, slope interruption and perimeter control.

SizeLogs Per BundleLogs Per Pallet
12″ x 10′12/Bundle36/Pallet
20″ x 10′NANA

Place the Excelsior Log in front of the gutter opening for curb inlet protection.

Because the Excelsior Log is lightweight (20 – 30 pounds), it may need to be secured with a filled sandbag. 

Inspect the Excelsior Log after rain storms. If it has been displaced, return the Curlex Sediment Log to the curb inlet.

If the Excelsior Log has significant sediment build up, replace the log with a new one.

Excelsior Log Specification
Excelsior Log Safety Data Sheet
Excelsior Log CAD Drawing
Virginia Department of Transportation Approved Materials List – List. 59

Compost Filter Sock for curb inlet protection on road reconstruction

Compost Filter Sock

Compost Filter Sock is a versatile erosion control product that can be used for curb inlet protection and drop inlet protection applications.

Filter sock is filled with 100% recycled wood chips. The wood chips filter sediment laden runoff as it passes through the filter sock.

Compost Filter Sock is wrapped multifilament polypropylene, photodegradable mesh with 1/8” opening pore size. The mesh’s opening size allows runoff to filter through the net while still retaining the filter media within the filter sock. 

SizePieces Per PalletWeight Per Pallet
8″ x 200′1/Pallet1650 pounds
8″ x 10′18/Pallet1650 pounds
12″ x 110′1/Pallet1650 pounds
12″ x 10′10/Pallet1700 pounds
18″ x 55′1/Pallet1750 pounds
Backfill material and wood stakes included with each pallet

Install Compost Filter Sock in front of the inlet’s mouth for curb inlet protection.

The weight of the filter sock should keep the product in place. For additional protection, place filled sand bags at either end of the Compost Filter Sock. 

Maintenance will vary per application.

For curb inlet protection applications, inspect the Compost Filter Sock after major rain events and periodically in between rain events.

If the filter sock has been punctured and the filter material is flowing out of the wattle, repair or replace the Compost Filter Sock with a new wattle.

If the filter sock has been punctured but not compromised, replacement may not be necessary. Monitor the Compost Filter Sock carefully for further damage.

In many applications, Compost Filter Sock filter material can remain on site after final closeout. If the Compost Filter Sock is to remain on sock, cut the mesh and spread the filter material across the ground away from the inlets.

Compost Filter Sock Specification
Compost Filter Sock Plan Sheet Details
Diamond Sock Inlet Protection Application Drawing
Compost Filter Sock Brochure
Virginia Department of Transportation Approved Materials List – List. 59
Installation Guidelines

Compost filter sock for storm drain inlet protection

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