Corrugated Metal Pipe

Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) is a strong and economical drainage pipe.

Metal pipe is known for its durability and long service life which is why it is often favored for highway and heavy traffic applications. Corrugated metal pipe is also lightweight and easy to install which makes it a desirable alternative to concrete pipe. Despite its weight, metal pipe is strong and built to last. Specialty coatings like aluminum and polymer can enhance steel pipe and result in a 100 year service life.

Corrugated Metal Drainage Pipe

CMP Applications

Specify and install Corrugated Metal Pipe for the following drainage applications:

Storm sewers
Foundation caissons
Pipe rehabilitations
Underground detention systems

Types of CMP

Corrugated metal pipe is made from steel and aluminum. CMP can be enhanced with different coatings that extend service life and protect the metal drainage pipe from corrosion.

Galvanized Steel Pipe

Galvanized corrugated steel pipe is the traditional choice for CMP. This corrugated steel pipe is manufactured from zinc coated steel sheets and offers a minimum 50 year service life.

Galvanized steel pipe is offered in multiple gauges, corrugations and diameters up to 144”. 

Our Oilville, Virginia location stocks 16 Gauge Galvanized Corrugated Metal Pipe in 12” – 36” diameters for same-day pick up or next-day delivery.

Larger sizes and different gauges are also available upon request. 

Aluminized Steel Pipe

Aluminized steel pipe provides incredible strength, excellent corrosion resistance and a minimum 100-year service life.

Steel sheets are hot-dipped in an aluminum coating that protects against the metal pipe from corrosion.

Aluminized steel corrugated metal pipe is offered in multiple gauges, corrugations and diameters up to 144”. 

Polymer Coated Corrugated Steel Pipe

Polymer Coated Corrugated Steel Pipe has the best corrosion resistance of all of our corrugated metal pipes. Steel coils are coated with a 10-mil polymer layer that laminates the steel pipe and results in incredible corrosion and abrasion resistance.

This durable pipe has a minimum 100-year service life, is offered in multiple gauges and diameters up to 144.”

Aluminum CMP

Aluminum pipe’s raw material resists corrosion without the need for additional coatings.

The corrugated metal pipe has a minimum 75-year service life and is an excellent choice for sewers and drains.

Corrugated Metal Pipe in Action

Large diameter CMP

Readers Branch

Goochland, VA

138″ CMP for Box Culverts

Stormcharger system under John Rolfe Square

John Rolfe Square

Richmond, VA

Aluminized CMP Stormwater System

CMP Fittings and Connections

CMP End Sections

Metal end sections for corrugated steel pipe improve hydraulics and reduce scour at culverts. The metal flared end section is designed to fit corrugated metal pipe 12”- 96” in diameter.

The flared end section wraps around the drainage pipe’s barrel for a seamless fit while the toe plate prevents undercutting at culvert inlets and outlets.

CMP Band Couplers

Metal Band Couplers connect corrugated metal pipes. These metal fittings wrap around the pipe’s end and are connected with nuts and bolts.  CMP Bands are available for steel and aluminum pipe up to 144”.

One CMP Band Coupler is required for 12” – 48” corrugated metal pipe.

Two CMP Band Couplers are required for 54” – 96” corrugated metal pipe.

Three CMP Band Couplers are required for 102” – 144” corrugated metal pipe.

CMP Fittings

Corrugated metal fittings are fabricated to support a variety of drainage designs. Metal fittings are typically welded to create a custom fabricated fittings. Fittings are designed to fit corrugated steel pipe and aluminum pipe.

Corrugated Steel Pipe Fittings include:

  • Tees
  • Wyes
  • 90 Degree Elbows
  • 45 Degree Elbows

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