Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe (SRPE Pipe)

Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe, SRPE Pipe for short, is an alternative to concrete pipe. This reinforced HDPE pipe is manufactured from virgin resin and reinforced with high-grade alloy steel for strength, longevity and durability. Choose SRPE Pipe for culverts, stormwater management and road projects that need a strong and dependable pipe.

SRPE Product Features

Burial allowance up to 50-feet
Highest strength to weight ratio pipe on the market
Lightweight and easy to install
Smooth interior
50-100 year service life
Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
SRPE Pipe with a corrugated metal flared end section
SRPE Pipe installation

SRPE Pipe Design Features

SRPE Pipe has a smooth interior wall and a corrugated exterior like HDPE Pipe. The high strength virgin resin pipe has a high stiffness rating and is resistant to corrosive soils and chemicals.

Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe is manufactured with either a plain end or a bell and spigot end. The bell and spigot joints create a watertight connection with an enhanced 20psi leakage rating.

Our steel reinforced pipe meets or exceeds the requirements for ASTM 2345, D2212, D2321, D3212, F477, F449, 1008, and AASHTO M-294 standards.

Connect Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe with Split Couplers. Just like HDPE Band Couplers, these couplers connect two pieces of pipe for a sealed joint

Diameter: 12″ – 72″

Length: 20-feet or 24-feet

Greater lengths and diameters are possible upon special request.

Storm drainage
Combined sewer overflow
Retention and detention basins
Slip lining
Sanitary sewer mainline applications
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