Tools for Construction and Landscaping

We supply an assortment of tools that get the job done. Our professional grade tools include shovels, grass seed spreaders, staple drivers and marking paint wands. If you don’t see the tool you’re looking for, our policy is always “just ask!” We can source and supply the tools you need and deliver them with your erosion control products and landscaping supplies.


Choose from wood handle or fiberglass handle shovels. Wood handle shovels are more economical than fiberglass but fiberglass handle shovels are stronger and longer-lasting. Both wood handle shovels and fiberglass handle shovels are available with flat or round point blades.

ProductUnits/BundleItem Code
Round Point Blade Wood Handle Shovel6 Shovels/Bundle49130
Flat Blade Wood Handle Shovel6 Shovels/Bundle49132
Round Point Blade Fiberglass Handle Shovel6 Shovels/Bundle49450
Flat Blade Fiberglass Handle Shovel6 Shovels/Bundle49452
Earthway Hand Spreader for grass seed

Hand Seed Spreader

For safe and uniform seeding, use a hand spreader like our Earthway Hand Spreader. This grass seed spreader features a 25-pound nylon bag hopper with a zippered top. The nylon bag retains its structure during seeding but collapses for storage. The Earthway Spreader has a shoulder strap and a contoured base that fits around your waist.

  • Ideal for spreading grass seed, ice melt, sand and fertilizer
  • Settings for precision control flow for various materials
  • Nylon is tear and weather resistant
  • Spread between 8-feet and 12-feet by changing the crank rate
Product Manual

Staple Pro™ Driver: Sod Staple Tool

Choose the Staple Pro™ Driver for fast and easy sod and erosion blanket installations. The Staple Pro™ tool is compatible with our 6″ 11 Gauge Sod Staples which means no special (or expensive) staples are required.

Simply load the sod staples into the Staple Pro™ tool then push down to nail the staple into the ground. Use the EZ Load Staple Bag for fast access to staples.

The Staple Pro™ Driver is proudly made in the USA

A Replacement Foot is available for purchase if your Staple Pro™ Foot breaks after frequent usage.

ProductItem Number
Staple Pro™ DriverSED-STD 1
Standard Replacement Foot for Staple Pro™ DriverStpPro-Foot
Staple Pro™ EZ Load Staple BagStpPro-Bag
Staple Pro™ Specification

Staple Ease™ Bio Pro™ for Biodegradable Stakes

Need Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Stakes? There’s a Staple Pro™ for that too!

The Staple Ease™ Bio Pro ™ Driver is designed specifically for installing Eco Duty Biodegradable stakes into erosion control blankets.

Just like the Staple Pro™, simply load the eco-friendly stakes into the tool then push down to nail the stakes into the ground. Use the EZ Load Staple Bag for fast access to staples.

The Staple Ease™ Driver is proudly made in the USA

ProductItem Number
Staple Ease™ Bio Pro™ DriverSED-BIO-1
Eco Duty 4″ Biodegradable stake (300/Case)EDS-4D
Eco Duty 6″ Biodegradable stake (300/Case)EDS-6D
Eco Duty 8″ Biodegradable stake (300/Case)EDS-8D
Staple Ease™ Bio Pro™ Specification
Eco Duty 4″ Biodegradable Stake Specification
Eco Duty 6″ Biodegradable Stake Specification
Eco Duty 8″ Biodegradable Stake Specification

Staple Wasp: Automated Sod Staple Tool

For automated sod staple installation without the back breaking work, choose the Staple Wasp.

Use the Staple Wasp to install erosion control blankets, landscape fabric, geotextile fabric and drip line hose.

The Staple Wasp is a lightweight tool, weighing in at 13.5 pounds, and is made from aluminum and steel. Load the Staple Wasp gun with the proprietary 6″ 13 gauge staples then press to install. The Staple Wasp allows for a continuous installation of 50 staples at a time.

The Staple Wasp is proudly made in the USA

Staple Wasp 6″ Staples (Steel)50/Cartridge, 1000/Box
Staple Wasp 6″ Staples (Galvanized)50/Cartridge, 1000/Box
Staple Wasp GunNA
Staple Spec Specification
Staple Wasp Handout

Which Erosion Control Blanket Tool is right for you?

Compare the Staple Pro and the Staple Wasp

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Marking Paint Wand

Use a Marking Paint Wand when you’re marking underground lines and utilities for a precise application. Our lightweight marking wand is compatible with our inverted tip Marking Paint.

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