Porous Paving Systems & Cells - Colonial Construction Materials
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Porous Paving Systems & Cells

Hydro Pavers

Porous Pavers and Cellular Confinement

Porous paving systems are a solution for runoff in major developments and private residences. These sustainable structures absorb water while stabilizing driveways, parking lots and fire lanes.  Road-like surfaces can be maintained and stormwater is able to flow freely.


HydroPAVERS™  are ideal for green roofs, parks and residential developments that are especially conscious of maintaining and controlling stormwater. They have an exceptional absorption rate and are available in a variety of colors in order to maintain curb appeal. 


Geocells provide cellular confinement for drainage and compaction. The geocell is a cellular three dimensional structure allows drainage through its pores while it stabilizes vertically and laterally through fill and weight distribution. This creates a solid surface that still allows runoff to drain.

Other porous paver options include:

  • Tuffrack™
  • EZ Roll Grass Paver
  • Aquapave permeable pavers
  • Gravel pavers