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Porous Paving Improves Infiltration

Porous paving is a green infrastructure solution for commercial developments and private residences. Permeable paving incorporates products that improve runoff infiltration. Unlike concrete and asphalt, porous paving products absorb runoff while also stabilizing driveways, parking lots and fire lanes. 

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Permeable paving can be achieved with a number of different products including permeable pavers and cellular confinement systems. Each of our porous paving products have unique designs that improve stormwater management.

Permeable Pavers

PaveDrain use for a porous paving parking lot in Dayton, VA.


PaveDrain® may look like a permeable paver but this innovative porous paving system is actually an articulated concrete block. Every PaveDrain® paver has an arched internal storage chamber that collects stormwater runoff. The runoff infiltrates through the porous paver’s open joints.

The joints in between PaveDrain® blocks are left ¼” open in order to maximize infiltration of storm water and sediment. Despite these small openings, the porous paving system is ADA compliant.

PaveDrain® has an HS-25 load rating which means it can withstand heavy loads. You can install this permeable paving product in parking lots, fire lanes, residential drives ways, cart paths and emergency access roads.

To accurately report captured stormwater runoff, add the INFIL-Tracker Monitoring System which measures the volume of runoff captured and the infiltration rates.

Block Size

12″ x 12″ x 5.65″

Each block weighs approximately 50 pounds

PaveDrain® can be installed by hand or by machine. It is important to note that even machine installations will likely involve some hand installation work. 

For the most thorough installation instructions, refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for machine or hand installation.

PaveDrain® should be checked bi-monthly, ideally during a rain event in order to ensure there is proper infiltration. A visual inspection of the joints will reveal whether they are clogged with sediment or debris.

Additionally, you can stick a ruler between PaveDrain’s joints to determine how much sediment in in the storage chamber. If the ruler is unable to go more than 2″ deep, it is time to clean the porous paving system.

The best way to clean your PaveDrain® system is to use a PaveDrain VAC Head with a combination truck or a commercial vacuum truck. These methods result in the most thorough removal of sediment and debris. For smaller installations or residential applications, PaveDrain® joints can be cleaned with a commercial shop vacuums that is approved for sediment removal.

Machine Installation Guidelines
Hand Installation Guidelines
Machine Installation Video
Maintenance Manual
PaveDrain® for residential use brochure
PaveDrain® INFIL-Tracker
Porous paving example for residential driveway


Enviro-Flo™ is a traditional permeable paver that reduces stormwater runoff while improving site aesthetics.

This paver is installed typically installed in a herringbone pattern that is both functional and attractive. The herringbone pattern interlocks the permeable pavers which increases support for vehicular traffic.

Enviro-Flo™ is offered in two colors: coastal tan and granite. It can be installed for walk ways, paths, parking lots, patios and pool decks. 

6″ x 9″ x 3 1/8″112 SF/Pallet300 Pieces/Pallet3200 LBs/Pallet
Enviro-Flo Laying Pattern
Turfstone is a permeable paver that can be used for golf cart paths


Turfstone™ is an open grid permeable paver that allows turf to grow through paver’s openings. Each Turfstone™ block is a square 60 pound permeable paver with voids. The porous paving product can be filled with aggregate or left open so that grass can grow through.

Turfstone™ can be installed for overflow parking, fire lanes, parking lots and paths.

5 3/4″ x 22 7/8″ x 3 1/8″84 SF/Pallet32 Pieces/Pallet1970 LBs/Pallet
Turfstone Laying Pattern

Cellular Confinement Products

Tufftrack installed for porous paving project in Virginia Beach, VA


Tufftrack™ is a cellular porous paving system manufactured by NDS. The Tufftrack™ system is comprised of 24″ x 24″ panels that are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic. The panels connect to create a permeable surface and a stable base that maximizes stormwater infiltration and reduces runoff.

Tufftrack’s hexagonal cells have a unique webbed design that secures fill material in place while still allowing roots to penetrate the cells. Each nested cell has a dome base that is designed to maximize drainage and lateral water movement.

The Tufftrack™ panels are connected by tongue and groove clips. These clips lock the panels in place to create a strong base with incredible strength. Tufftrack’s unfilled compressive strength is 86,563 pounds and 400,000 pounds when filled.

Install Tufftrack™ to achieve permeable paving green parking lots, cart paths, residential driveways, fire lanes, overflow parking, rain gardens, equestrian parks and construction entrances.

Panel Size

24″ x 24″ x 1.5″

Each panel has 120 cells

Install Tufftrack™ grass pavers on a graded and compacted course aggregate base. Place the units with cells facing up and connecting tongue and groove locks.

Fill the cells with native top soil, sandy loam or loam soil.  Sand and native soil with high clay content are not recommended.  You may also consider filling the cells with engineered soil.

Extend the fill inside pavers ¼ inch to ½ inch above paver surface to match surrounding grade.

Fill grass pavers with soil and plant within 30 days of being installed.  Seeding, fertilizing, watering procedure, and turf maintenance shall be per local conditions. 

This description is intended to be a brief synopsis of installation guidelines. Refer to the specification for installation instructions.

In order to maximize Tufftrack’s life, NDS recommends the following:

Make necessary corrections to paver panels if displacement has occurred since installation.  Remove and replace with new pavers where 3 or more adjacent cells are broken or damaged.

Utilize skid shoes or raise snow plow a minimum of 2 inches above the paver surface.

Plant turf that is resistant to thatch.

Do not use equipment intended for thatching or scalping over the pavers.

Tufftrack™ Specification
Trufftrack™ vs. GeoBlock comparison
Trufftrack™ Detail
EZ-Roll Grass Paver is a flexible porous paving product

EZ Roll Grass Paver

NDS’s EZ Roll Grass Paver is a porous paving system with a honeycomb cellular structure. The single-roll grass pavers are designed to improve absorption of stormwater and prevent soil compaction.

The EZ Roll Grass Paver is a pre-assembled roll made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic. The nested honeycomb cells are interconnected with cross links. The bottom of each cell is 80% open in order to maximize infiltration. The open cells also make it easy for roots to grow through the paving system which improves turf establishment.

Lock the grass paver rolls together with the end-to-end locking clips. This simple to use system makes installation quick and easy.

The EZ Roll Grass Paver has an unfilled compressive strength of 53,683 and a filled strength of 400,000 pounds which means it can bear the load of parking lots, emergency vehicles and trucks. The EZ Roll is also well suited for light loads like golf cart paths, equestrian parks and bike paths.

4′ x 24′

4′ x 150′

Roll the EZ-Roll Grass Paver over the graded and compacted course base. The paving system should be placed with the cells facing up. Clip the rolls together with the locking system.

Fill the grass pavers with topsoil and follow with sod or seeding. The EZ-Roll Grass Pavers should be filled and seeded within 30 days of installation.

Utilize skid shoes or raise snow plow a minimum of 2 inches above the paver surface.

Plant turf that is resistant to thatch.

Do not use equipment intended for thatching or scalping over the pavers.

EZ-Roll Grass Paver Specification
EZ-Roll Grass Paver Detail
Up close filled EZ-Roll Gravel Paver for permeable parking lot

EZ Roll Gravel Paver

The EZ Roll Gravel Paver is a pre-assembled porous paving system that is designed to be a more sustainable gravel road. The honeycomb cellular network stabilizes the compacted gravel surface while improving stormwater absorption.

This NDS porous paving system is made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic. Unlike our other cellular systems, the EZ Roll Gravel Paver is available in tan, black, red and gray.

The EZ Roll Gravel Paver cells are interconnected with crosslinks. Each hexagonal cell is left 80% in order open to improve drainage and permeability. On the bottom of the roll is a layer of filter fabric that has been permanently fused onto the EZ Roll Gravel Paver. The geotextile fabric secures the stone fill while also allowing for proper drainage.

The empty gravel paver cells have a compressive strength of 53,683 pounds and a filled compressive strength of 500,000 pounds.

Install the EZ Roll Gravel Paver for light loads like paths and trails, medium loads including parking lots, residential driveways and overflow parking, and heavy loads such as equipment yards and emergency vehicle access roads.

4′ x 150′

Install EZ Roll Gravel Paver on a graded and compacted course aggregate base. Unroll the pavers with cells facing up. Connect the rolls with interlocking clips. Secure the rolls with the provided steel stakes.

Fill the cells with gravel.

Extend the gravel inside pavers ¼ inch to ½ inch above paver surface to match surrounding grade.

Inspect the gravel pavers periodically for displaced stone or damaged cells. Add gravel as needed. If more than three cells are damaged or broken, it is recommended that the pavers should be replaced.

EZ Roll Gravel Paver Specification
EZ Roll Gravel Paver Detail
Geocell: Cellular Confinement System


A geocell is a three-dimensional cellular structure that promotes stability and positive drainage, two critical goals for porous paving.

When rain and runoff infiltrate the ground, geocell’s infill absorbs the water which drains through the cell’s pores. Weight is distributed evenly across the geocell’s surface in order to stabilize the subgrade and support the load.

Our American Made geocell is manufactured from virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE). Virgin HDPE is strong, durable and flexible which makes it an excellent material for subgrade stabilization. Geocell is manufactured in 58 flexible strips of HDPE that are shipped as collapsed panels. The panels expand during installation and are secured in place with clips or stakes.

The honeycomb cells can be filled with a variety of infill materials including crushed stone, top soil, sandy soil, concrete and gravel.

In addition to permeable paving, geocells are installed for erosion control, soil stabilization, channel protection and retaining wall structures.

For permeable paving, we recommend the following sizes:

EGA30 3″ x 8.4′ x 27.4′
EGA30 4″ x 8.4′ x 27.4′
EGA30 6″ x 8.4′ x 27.4′
EGA30 Specification

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