Erosion Control Wattles and Logs

Wattles and erosion control logs trap sediment, control runoff and prevent erosion. Most erosion control wattles are filled with a natural material and are wrapped in a synthetic netting. Our Erosion control wattles include Curlex Sediment Logs, Straw Wattles, Silt Sock, and Coir Logs.

Compost Filter Silt Sock

Effective sediment control product that slows sheet flow and captures runoff
Composted, aged and shredded mulch fill
Tightly woven heavy duty netting
Now supplying SiltSoxx Filter Sock and Diamond Sock


Heavy wattle won’t easily blow out
Manufactured in pre-cut wattles and continuous runs up to 200-feet
Remove net and leave mulch after closeout


Check dam
Silt fence reinforcement
Slope interrupter
Perimeter control
Inlet protection

Compost Filter Silt Sock is a flexible and dynamic erosion control log. Our Silt Sock is filled 100% recycled wood chips and wrapped in a heavy duty multifilament netting with a 1/8-inch opening. The tightly woven netting captures sediment from stormwater runoff but is tight enough to hold the wood chips within its structure.

Compost Filter Silt Sock is distinguished by its customizable sizes. Choose from 10-foot pre-cut wattles or continuous pallets up to 200-feet long.

The continuous Silt Sock pallet allows you to custom cut each wattle to the size you need. Continuous pallets are also great for long continuous runs for perimeter control.

SizeUnits per pallet
8″ x 10′18 per pallet
8″ x 200′1 per pallet
12″ x 10′10 per pallet
12″ x 110′1 per pallet
18″ x 55′1 per pallet
24″ x 30′1 per pallet
stakes included with continuous pallets
Compost Filter Sock Specification
Product Brochure
Installation Guide

Curlex® Sediment Log ®

Lightweight erosion control wattle with a high flow rate
Curlex® fiber filling
Porous and degradable netting


Flexible and easy to install
Offered in high visibility orange


Diversion dike
Slope interruption
Check dam
Inlet protection

The Curlex® Sediment Log®, also known as an Excelsior Log, is one of the industry’s most popular erosion control wattles.

This sediment log is filled with American Excelsior’s patented Curlex® fibers which are derived from renewable Great Lakes Aspen wood fibers. These curled wood fibers are wrapped in a degradable netting that has an open structure.

The Excelsior Log has a high flow capacity and filters runoff at 35 gallons per minute (ASTM D5414).

SizeUnits per pallet
12″ x 10′12 per bundle, 36 per pallet
20″ x 10′18 per pallet
Curlex Sediment Log Specification
HiViz Sediment Log Brochure
Safety Data Sheet

Coir Log

Environmentally friendly erosion control wattle
Coconut coir fiber
Choose from degradable or synthetic netting


Derives natural strength from coconut fibers
Standard and heavy duty options
Supports a natural environmental where vegetation can thrive


Stream restorations
Coastal protection
Beach restorations

The Coir Log is a flexible erosion control log that is produced from coconut fibers. Coconut fibers are exceptionally strong and create an excellent system for vegetation to grow through.

Coir Logs are wrapped in either a biodegradable or synthetic netting. Coir Logs are offered in Standard or High Density options.

StandardHigh Density
12″ x 10′12″ x 10′
16″ x 10′16″ x 10′
20″ x 20′
12″ High Density with Coir Netting Coir Log Specification
12″ Standard Coir Log Specification
16″ Standard Coir Log Specification
16″ High Density Coir Log Specification
20″ High Density with Coir Netting Coir Log Specification
20″ High Density with Synthetic Netting Coir Log Specification
Installation Guide
Colonial Straw Wattle

Colonial Straw Wattle

A heavy duty straw wattle with a tighter weave netting than competing straw wattles
Weed seed free agricultural straw fibers
Photodegradable heavy duty netting


Economical filling
Dynamic sizing including pre-cut wattles and continuous runs


Slope interruption
Ditch check
Perimeter control

The Colonial Straw Wattle is filled with agricultural straw and wrapped in the same heavy duty 1/8″ photodegradable netting as our Compost Filter Silt Sock.

The straw matrix traps sediment laden runoff in ditches, slopes and construction perimeters. Straw Wattles perform best as slope interrupters and ditch checks because the straw fill pools water more efficiently than it filters runoff.

Our Colonial Straw Wattle is available in the same pre-cut wattles and continuous runs as Compost Filter Silt Sock. The Straw Wattle, however, is lighter than the Silt Sock and easier to transport and install.

WattlesContinuous Pallets
9″ x 10′9″ x 200′
9″ x 25′12″ x 110′
12″ x 10′
12″ x 20′
20″ x 10′
Colonial Straw Wattle Specification

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