Wattles and Logs

Wattles and logs trap sediment, control runoff and prevent erosion. Most wattles are filled with a natural material and are wrapped in a synthetic netting. We supply a variety of wattles in order to provide options for fill, sock and size.

Diamond Sock

Diamond Sock is filled with a hardwood mulch mix and wrapped in a blue netting. This compost filter sock is manufactured as both a wattle and a continuous pallet. The continuous pallet is ideal for large and urban projects because it can be installed quickly and easily. You can also custom cut the continuous pallet into unique wattle sizes. Simply cut the length and tie off the ends with zip ties. Install this versatile wattle for slope interruption, perimeter control and inlet protection.

  • 8″ x 10′ | 18 pieces per pallet
  • 8″ x 190′ continuous pallet
  • 12″ x 10′ | 10 pieces per pallet
  • 12″ x 110′ continuous pallet
  • 18″ x 10′ | 5 pieces per pallet
  • 18″ x 55′ continuous pallet
  • 24″ x 35′

Excelsior Log

The Excelsior Log (aka the Curlex Sediment Log) is one of the industry’s most popular multi-functional wattles. These logs are filled with naturally strong aspen wood fibers. Excelsior Logs have a high flow capacity and filter nutrients from runoff at a very high rate. This 12″ x 10′ log is lightweight and biodegradable. Use the Excelsior Log for diversion dikes, slope interruption, and inlet protection.

Travel Lane Wattle

The Travel Lane Wattle was designed with high visibility and ease-of-use in mind. This wattle is filled with pine straw and wrapped in lime green polyester fabric. It has built-in handles for lifting and internal sandbags for weighted support. This wattle is a reusable option for slope interruption or inlet protection.

  • 8″ x 15′
  • 8″ x 10′

Coir Log

Coir Logs are produced from coconut fibers which are exceptionally strong. They are often installed on stream restoration projects because they naturally strengthen the channel’s structure. Additionally, plants grow well in in coir logs. The wetland vegetation grows roots in the logs and revitalizes the stream embankments. Coir Logs are also used for beach restoration projects because they mitigate wave erosion.

  • 12″ x 10′
  • 16″ x 10′


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