Drainage Pipe for Water Conveyance

HDPE and CMP Pipe for Utility, Stormwater and Landscaping

At Colonial Construction Materials you will find many different options for drainage pipe.

Our Richmond and Virginia Beach locations stock HDPE Corrugated Pipe in multiple sizes including single wall coils and large diameter dual-wall sticks. HDPE Pipe is used for countless applications ranging from residential downspouts to underground detention for commercial developments.

If you prefer metal pipe to plastic, our Richmond location stocks Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) up to 30” in diameter. Larger sizes, compatible CMP fittings and galvanized pipe with specialty coatings are also available.

Types of Drainage Pipe

Discover More Drainage Solutions

Single Wall HDPE drainage pipe in Oilville, Virginia

HDPE Fittings for Drainage Pipe

Single Wall and Double Wall Fittings

Connect corrugated pipe with HDPE Fittings including Tees, Wyes, Couplers, End Caps and more.

Installing gravel free drainage solution

Drainage Pipe for French Drains

Gravel Free French Drain Solution

NDS’s EZ-Flow Pipe features an HDPE corrugated pipe surrounded by poly-rock and mesh.

Corrugated metal drainage pipe for chamber system in Richmond, Virginia

Detention and Filtration Systems

Subsurface stormwater systems

Below surface stormwater systems collect, filter and store stormwater without sacrificing land or aesthetics.

Stormwater Projects

Explore our portfolio of completed projects to see how our pipe performed in real life applications.

Stormcharger system under John Rolfe Square

John Rolfe Square

Subdivision in Richmond, Virginia

Featured Product: CMP Chamber System

HDPE drainage pipe for subsurface stormwater system

Brookfield Commons

Office development in Richmond, Virginia

Featured Product: HDPE Stormwater System

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