HDPE Pipe for Stormwater, Sewer and Drainage

HDPE corrugated pipe is a strong and economical drainage pipe. HDPE pipe is light-weight and easy to install which is why it is a favorable alternative to reinforced concrete pipe and corrugated metal pipe.

Single Wall Corrugated HDPE Pipe

Lightweight drainage pipe
Flexible and easy to install
Three options: Solid, Slotted (perforated), Slotted with Sock


4″ – 15″ Diameter
100-foot coils and 20-foot sticks (depending on diameter)
Compatible with Single Wall Fittings and Injection Molded Fittings


Underdrain and highway edge drain
Golf courses
Athletic fields
Residential drainage projects
Driveway culverts

Install HDPE Single Wall Pipe for underdrain on residential drainage projects, downspouts, driveway culverts, agricultural projects, golf courses and slope drains. Single Wall Corrugated Pipe is also specified for slope drain on road and highway construction projects. Connect Single Wall Corrugated Pipe with Single Wall HDPE Fittings.

We supply three different kinds of Single Wall Plastic Pipe: Solid, Perforated and Perforated with Sock.

Single Wall Solid: corrugated exterior and corrugated interior.

Single Wall Perforated Pipe: corrugated exterior, corrugated interior and perforations at standard intervals. The perforated drainage pipe, also referred to as ‘slotted pipe,’ allows water to infiltrate the pipe before being carried away.

HDPE Single Wall Perforated Pipe with Sock: corrugated exterior, corrugated interior and wrapped in a lightweight mesh-like fabric. The slots in this plastic drainage pipe allows water in but the sock prevents sand, silt and sediment from infiltrating the pipe.

Single Wall SolidSingle Wall SlottedSingle Wall Slotted with Sock
4″ x 100′ (Coil)4″ x 100′ (Coil)4″ x 100′ (Coil)
6″ x 100′ (Coil)6″ x 100′ (Coil)6″ x 100′ (Coil)
12″ x 20′12″ x 20′
12″ x 20′12″ x 20′
15″ x 20′15″ x 20′
Sizes subject to availability. Call your local sales office to inquire about current inventory

Double Wall Corrugated HDPE Pipe

Smooth interior for superior flow
Corrugated exterior for durability
Available in solid or slotted (with perforations)


Resistant to chemical abrasion and corrosion
High-density polyethylene for exception strength
4″ – 60″ Diameter
20-foot lengths
Integrated bell and spigot
Compatible with Injection Molded and Double Wall Fittings


Highway construction
Road reconstruction
Storm sewer replacements
Retention and detention systems

Double Wall HDPE is used on projects that require durability. The corrugated exterior increases the structural strength of dual wall pipe while the smooth interior wall provides superior flow. When properly installed Double Wall Corrugated Pipe has a 100-year design service life. This pipe withstands corrosion, chemical abrasion and the tough demands of heavy construction.

Despite its strength, HDPE Double Wall Pipe is lightweight and easy to handle.  Dual Wall HDPE Drainage Pipe cuts easily and is compatible with with Double Wall HDPE Fittings, Band Couplers, MarMacs and Injection Molded fittings.

HDPE Double Wall is offered in lengths of 20-feet and 4-inch to 60-inch diameters. Perforated Double Wall Pipe is available in 4-inch through 12-inch diameters.

Double Wall SolidDouble Wall Slotted
4″ x 20′4″ x 20′
6″ x 20′6″ x 20′
8″ x 20′8″ x 20′
10″ x 20′10″ x 20′
12″ x 20′12″ x 20′
15″ x 20′15″ x 20′
18″ x 20′18″ x 20′
24″ x 20′
30″ x 20′
36″ x 20′
42″ x 20′
48″ x 20′
60″ x 20′
Sizes subject to availability. Call your local sales office to inquire about current inventory and additional sizes.

What is HDPE?

HDPE stands for high density polyethylene which is a thermoplastic derived from petroleum. HDPE is a tough but flexible plastic that is used to manufacture a wide range of products. Corrugated plastic pipe is manufactured from both recycled HDPE and virgin HDPE.

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