Control Sediment with Silt Fence - Colonial Construction Materials
Silt fence is installed on sites that need to prevent sediment from traveling outside of the construction zone. Colonial provides a variety of sizes, colors and strengths to meet each project’s specification requirements.
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Silt Fence

Silt Fence

For decades, Colonial Construction Materials has provided domestically engineered silt fence that provides the base for the most common erosion control measures. We were proudly the first to introduce orange silt fence to the Mid-Atlantic region and we continue to bring about change and innovation in the erosion control industry every year.

Silt fence is usually installed with wood posts but steel or galvanized line posts can be used as well. Chain link, welded wire, and hog wire can also be used to add strength and protection.

We supply shovels, tie wire, staples and staple guns to make your silt fence installation quick and easy.

Fence Types

Silt fence specifications can vary from each project, county and state. Colonial offers many different silt fences that meet Commercial and DOT strength requirements.

Fabric Only
  • Black or Orange Silt Fence 36″ x 300′
  • Black or Orange Silt Fence 36″ x 1500′ Tommy Roll
  • Black or Orange Silt Fence 42″ x 300′
  • Commercial or DOT grade available


Pre-attached with Wood Stakes
  • Black 36″ x 100′, 11 Stake (stakes are attached to meet 10′ on center specifications)
  • Black 36″ x 100′, 16 Stake (stakes are attached to meet 6′ on center specifications)
  • Orange 36″ x 100′, 11 Stake
  • Orange 36″ x 100′, 16 Stake


Reinforced Silt Fence
  • Super Silt Fence Kit: Our Oilville facility manufactures kits that include fabric, 11.5 gauge or 9 gauge chain link, poles, aluminum ties and hog rings.
  • Black Silt Fence reinforced with Hog Wire, 36″ x 330′


Specialty Silt Fence

Colonial has proudly partnered with Silt Saver as a Master Distributor in order to provide unique silt fence and erosion control products. These three specialty silt fences are domestically produced and tested to exceed federal and state regulations.


This Medium and Heavy Duty Silt Fence has five 350 pound belts woven into the fabric. This additional support makes the fabric exceptionally strong and doesn’t require netting or wire for reinforcement. WBSF has been weight tested for up 1020 pounds and exceeds federal guidelines of 83.2% efficiency (ASTM-D-5141).  Use steel or wood posts to stake WBSF into the ground. WBSF is 36″ wide and available in various lengths.

BSRF – Priority 1

BSRF Priority 1 is a heavy duty silt fence with a green identifying band. The non-woven polyester fabric has an internal scrim added for additional strength. It has been tested to withstand up to 750 pounds of weight.  Priority 1 is available as a 36” x 48’ roll with wood stakes attached every 4 feet.

BSRF –Priority 2

BSRF Priority 2 is a medium duty silt fence with a black identifying band. The non-woven spun-bound polyester fabric has bonding strips woven in for added strength and to prevent tear downs. The 36” x 100’ roll has wood stakes attached 6’ on center.


Commercial Silt Fence
DOT Silt Fence
Super Silt Fence Fabric
Welded Wire
Steel Posts
Chain Link
3′ Grade Stake
Nominal 4′ Wood  Stake
Nominal 5′ Wood Stake

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