Silt Fence for Sediment Control

Silt Fence is a temporary sediment barrier that controls erosion and filters sediment laden runoff to prevent downstream pollution of lakes, streams and rivers.

Choose from Woven Slit Films, Monofilaments, High Performance Silt Fence and Pre-Assembled Kits.

Woven Slit Film Silt Fence

Silt retention on construction sites
Permeable woven fence allows water to flow through pores while fabric retains sediment
Resistant to UV degradation and rot
36-inch and 42-inch fence available
Install with Oak Stakes or Steel Fence Posts


Erosion protection

Fence Options

CMSF Black
CMSF Orange
200 x 200 Silt Fence
400EO Silt Fence

Monofilament High Performance Silt Fence

TPG400EOMM is our high performance silt fence
Engineered for superior filtration and longevity
2-inch delineation line at the top of the fence
36-inch and 42-inch fence available


Superior filtration
High tensile strength
Excellent longevity
Alternative to wire-reinforced temporary fence
VDOT Approved for Virginia Type A and Type B Fabric


Long term DOT and highway projects
Multi-phase energy projects
Commercial infrastructure
Wetland areas and sensitive environmental sites
Behind embankments and slopes subject to high flow

400EO (TPG400EOMM) is a monofilament fabric engineered for high flow and longevity. The monofilament yarns offer improved filtration compared to slit films that can become clogged when filtering his volumes of runoff.

Choose 400EO SF as a high performance and long lasting alternative to wire-reinforced temporary fence or super silt fence. Install 400EO with Oak Stakes or Steel Fence Posts.

SizeUnits per pallet
36″ x 500′9 rolls per pallet
42″ x 500′9 rolls per pallet
400EO SF Specification
400EO SF Brochure
VDOT Approved Geosynthetics – approved on List No.63
Woven Belted Silt Fence (WBSF)

WBSF: Woven Belted Silt Fence

High strength fence with 5 belts woven into fabric
Longevity without wire reinforcement
Install with Oak Stakes or Steel Fence Posts


Belts provide linear support to disperse stormwater weight
High tensile strength improves fence longevity
3 Variations: WBSF, WBSF 2-Stage and WBSF Combo


Long term DOT and highway projects
Transmission line construction

WBSF is a patented high strength fence with five 350-pound belts woven into the fabric. These bands are designed to improve support and strength.

SizeUnits per pallet
36″ x 500′9 rolls per pallet
WBSF Specification
WBSF 2 Stage Specification
WBSF Combo Specification
Pre-attaching silt fence to oak stakes

Silt Fence Kits

Pre-Attached Kits: oak stakes pre-attached to fence every 6-feet or 10-feet
Super Silt Fence Kits: chain link, lines poles and ties


Shorter length options (100-foot vs. 300-foot)
Stakes attached at standardized intervals
Reduce excess material
Easy to carry

Fence Kit Options

CMSF Black with Oak Stakes
CMSF Orange with Oak Stakes
200 x 200 SF with Oak Stakes (MSHA)
Super Silt Fence Kit
MSHA Silt Fence Kit

Custom Temporary Fence

Maximize your brand’s visibility with custom temporary fence
One-time set up fee to create your custom design
Minimum full pallet purchase for every custom order

How It Works

Choose your fence and design
Request a quote
Approve your design
We print your design onto fence in our Oilville warehouse

Fence Options

CMSF Black – fabric only
CMSF Orange – fabric only
CMSF Black with Oak Stakes Attached
CMSF Orange with Stakes Attached
400EO SF

Not sure which fence you need?

This article offers guidance for reading construction plans, understanding state standards, and knowing when to reinforce your temporary fence.

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Installing silt fence with wire and steel posts

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