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Turf Reinforcement Mats for Permanent Erosion Control

A Turf Reinforcement Mat is a permanent erosion control blanket. This type of rolled erosion control product provides long term protection against soil erosion. Turf Reinforcement Mats are recommended for long term projects, steep slopes and channels that are subject to high stress and high flow.

Recyclex Turf Reinforcement Mat

Recyclex® TRM-V and Recyclex® TRM

Permanent erosion control for high flow channels and steep grades
Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bottles
Two layers of UV-resistant polypropylene nettings


Does not float in hydraulic events
Same crimped and interlocking fiber technology as Curlex® blankets
Environmentally responsible


Pond, lake and shoreline stabilization
Steep reinforced slopes
Drainage channels and waterways
Ditch bottoms, channel bottoms and swales

Recyclex® TRM-V and Recyclex® TRM are American Excelsior’s permanent rolled erosion control products. Each turf reinforcement mat is manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled bottles. There are approximately 18 bottles per every pound of Recyclex.

Similar to Curlex® fibers, Recyclex® fibers are curled and crimped to create an interlocking matrix that conforms to terrain. Unlike other TRMs, Recyclex® fibers have a specific gravity greater than one which means it does not float in heavy hydraulic events.

The Recyclex® matrix is stitched to a heavy duty polypropylene netting that is UV-resistant.

Install Recyclex® over grass seed so that the seedlings grow through the turf reinforcement mat to establish a permanent erosion control system.

Recyclex TRMRecyclex TRM-V
8′ x 112.5′8′ x 90′
16′ x 112.5′16′ x 90′
Recyclex TRMRecyclex TRM-V
Channel Flow17 feet/sec16 feet/sec
Shear Stress Rating10.0lb/ft²8.0lb/ft²
Recyclex TRM-V Specification
Recyclex TRM Specification
Recyclex TRM Installation Guide

What’s the difference between Recyclex® and Recyclex® TRM-V?

Recyclex® TRM and Recyclex® TRM-V appear identical at first glance. Both turf reinforcement mats are made from 100% recycled bottles, they’re both green, they don’t float and they are both rated for steep slopes.

Recyclex® TRM, however, has an extra heavy duty netting on top. Recyclex® TRM-V, on the other hand, has a standard heavy duty netting on the top. The extra heavy duty netting improves the turf reinforcement mat’s performance properties including tensile strength, specific gravity, and germination improvement.

TriNet® Turf Reinforcement Mats

TriNet® mats are permanent erosion control blankets that provide long term protection in swales, ditches and on steep slopes. While many turf reinforcement mats have two nets, the TriNet® series by American Excelsior has three nettings; two heavy duty nets on the top and bottom plus an ultra heavy duty netting in the middle.

TriNet® Straw/Coconut Blanket

The TriNet® Straw Coconut Turf Reinforcement Mat has a 70% straw 30% coconut matrix in between two layers of heavy duty UV stabilized netting. There is also an ultra heavy duty netting in the middle of the mat. This Straw Coconut Erosion Control Blanket has a permanent service life and offers improved reinforcement between vegetation and the root systems.

TriNet® Coconut Blanket

The 100% Coconut TriNet® Blanket is a permanent coconut blanket for lasting stabilization and vegetation support. The coconut fiber mat is covered on the top and bottom with a heavy duty UV stabilized net. In the middle of the turf reinforcement mat is an ultra heavy duty netting.

TriNet® Curlex® Blanket

This Curlex® Blanket has three nets for ultimate erosion control, permanent service life and improved vegetative establishment. The erosion control mat features American Excelsior’s patented curled and cleaned excelsior fibers, made from Great Lakes aspen wood fibers. There is a heavy duty UV-stabilized net on the top and bottom of the permanent erosion control blanket, and one ultra heavy duty netting in the middle.

TriNet® Recyclex® TRM

The TriNet® Recylcex® Turf Reinforcement Mat is our toughest permanent erosion control blanket. This high performance TRM is made entirely from 100% recycled bottles and includes three nets: two heavy duty nets and one ultra heavy duty net in the middle. If you need permanent erosion control for steep slopes and high velocity channels, choose TriNet® Recyclex as your rolled erosion solution.

TriNet® Straw/CoconutTriNet® CoconutTriNet® Curlex®TriNet® Reyclex®
Size8′ x 90′8′ x 90′8′ x 67.5′8′ x 67.5′
Size16′ x 90′16′ x 90′16′ x 67.5′16′ x 67.5′

TriNet Straw/Coconut Spec
TriNet Straw/Coconut Installation Guide
TriNet Coconut Spec
TriNet Coconut Installation Guide
TriNet Curlex Spec
TriNet Curlex Installation Guide
TriNet Recyclex Spec
TriNet Recyclex Installation Guide
  • Grade and compact soil before installation of TriNet® Turf Reinforcement Mats
  • Remove all debris and obstructions before installation
  • Soil should be seeded, fertilized to soil needs/site specifications prior to installation
  • Roll out the Turf Reinforcement Mat with the roll facing towards the area to be covered
  • The TRM should be flat and smooth
  • Anchor the TriNet® TRM to the ground with Sod Staples

Turf reinforcement mats are typically installed vertically on the slope, however, there are cases in which a horizontal installation is more practical. Always follow the Engineer’s specified requirement for installation. 

If the installation requires more than one width, overlap the TRM edges and secure the TRMs with a row of Sod Staples.

TriNet® TRMs shall be trenched at the head of the slope if the blanket cannot be extended three feet over the slope crest or if an overland flow is anticipated from upslope areas.

Install TRMs in the middle of the channel in the same direction as water flow.

Overlap the additional turf reinforcement mats away from the center of the channel and continue up the channel side slopes three feet above the anticipated high water elevation.

Anchor the TRM with a staggered staple pattern at the end of roll overlaps and at the end of each roll

Flanks exposed to runoff, or sheet flow, must be trenched in.

TriNet TRM shall be trenched at the start of channels.

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