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Turf Reinforcement Mats for Permanent Erosion Control

A Turf Reinforcement Mat is a permanent erosion control blanket. This type of rolled erosion control product provides long term protection against soil erosion. Turf Reinforcement Mats are recommended for long term projects, steep slopes and channels that are subject to high flow.

Recyclex® TRM-V and Recyclex® TRM

Permanent erosion control for high flow channels and steep grades
Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bottles
Two layers of UV-resistant polypropylene nettings


Does not float in hydraulic events
Same crimped and interlocking fiber technology as Curlex® blankets
Environmentally responsible
Earn up to 10 LEED credits


Pond, lake and shoreline stabilization
Steep reinforced slopes
Drainage channels and waterways
Ditch bottoms, channel bottoms and swales

Recyclex® TRM-V and Recyclex® TRM are American Excelsior’s permanent rolled erosion control products. Each turf reinforcement mat is manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled bottles. There are approximately 18 bottles per every pound of Recyclex.

Similar to Curlex® fibers, Recyclex® fibers are curled and crimped to create an interlocking matrix that conforms to terrain. Unlike other TRMs, Recyclex® fibers have a specific gravity greater than one which means it does not float in heavy hydraulic events.

The Recyclex® matrix is stitched to a heavy duty polypropylene netting that is UV-resistant.

Install Recyclex® over grass seed so that the seedlings grow through the turf reinforcement mat to establish a permanent erosion control system.

Recyclex TRMRecyclex TRM-V
Width8.0 ft8.0 ft
Length90.0 ft112.5 ft
NettingExtra heavy duty polypropylene net on top, heavy duty polypropylene net on bottomHeavy duty polypropylene net on top and bottom
Functional LongevityPermanentPermanent
Channel Flow17 feet/sec16 feet/sec
SlopeUp to 0.5:1Up to 0.5:1

Turf Reinforcement Mats In the Field

TriNet Recyclex TRM

TriNet® Turf Reinforcement Mats

Permanent surface support for long term erosion protection
Three nettings instead of two: heavy duty nets on top and bottom and ultra heavy duty net in the middle
TriNet® available for Recyclex® TRM, Straw/Coconut, 100% Coconut and Curlex®


Three-dimensional structural support
Rated for 0.5 : 1 slopes
Shear Stress rating up to 670 Pa (14 lb/ft²) (vegetated TriNet Reyclex)


Long and steep slopes
Natural choice in lieu of rip rap in swales and ditch bottoms
High flow channels

The TriNet® Turf Reinforcement Mat is covered with heavy duty UV stabilized netting and has an ultra heavy duty netting in the middle of the mat. These rolled erosion control products have a permanent service life that offers improved reinforcement between vegetation and the root systems.

TriNet Straw/CoconutTriNet Coconut BlanketTriNet CurlexTriNet Recyclex
Width8.0 ft8.0 ft8.0 ft8.0 ft
Length90.0 ft90.0 ft67.5 ft67.5 ft
Fiber70% agricultural straw fiber and 30% coconut fiber100% coconut fiber matrixNaturally seed free Great Lakes Aspen wood fibers100% post-consumer recycled polyester fibers
NettingThree UV-stabilized polypropylene netsThree UV-stabilized polypropylene netsThree UV-stabilized polypropylene netsThree UV-stabilized polypropylene nets
Functional LongevityPermanentPermanentPermanentPermanent
Channel FlowUp to 15.0 ft/s Up to 20.0 ft/sUp to 20.0 ft/sUp to 25.0 ft/s
Soil Loss Ratio (event based RUSLE C factor)0.0260.0310.0310.015
SlopeUp to 0.5:1Up to 0.5:1Up to 0.5:1Up to 0.5:1
Erosion control matting

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