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Liners and Composites


Liners separate solids and liquids in order to prevent contamination. They are often used for landfills, stormwater management, mining and waste containment. A variety of high performance materials are used to manufacture liners. Each material has unique qualities that are designed and proven to withstand the most extreme environmental demands.


PVC is a trusted choice for separating water, waste, soil and chemicals because it is flexible, strong and impermeable. These liners are custom manufactured to meet site requirements which reduces the number seams and makes installation easier. Use PVC for landfills, stormwater ponds, ditches, canals and mining projects.

PVC is available in varying strengths including 10 Mil, 20 Mil, 30 Mil, 40 Mil, 50 Mil and 60 Mil.


Linear Low Density Polyethylene liners are flexible, have great elongation and are UV and chemical resistant. This product is an ideal choice for waste containment because the LLDPE is so durable. LLDPE is available in a smooth or textured finish.


High Density Polyethylene liners are durable and have superior UV and chemical resistance. Similar to LLDPE, HDPE is offered in a smooth or textured finish. HDPE is a cost-effective option for landfill lining, waste containment and stormwater ponds.


EPDM is very flexible and has great elongation which makes it the easiest material to handle. It is also UV, Ozone and Weather Resistant. EPDM is a great choice for decorative ponds because it is fish and pet friendly. You can also install this liner on stormwater and mining projects.


Geosynthetic Clay Liners combine geosynthetics and sodium bentonite clay to make an impermeable product. There are two options for GCLs: Fabric Encased or Geomembrane Supported. A Fabric Encased GCL combines a woven geotextile and sodium bentonite. The resulting product has the stabilization qualities of a woven geotextile and the permeability of clay. The Geomembrane Supported GCL combines HDPE or LLDPE with sodium bentonite clay to produce a leak-resistant liner.


Composites are manufactured from common geotextiles such as extruded net fabrics and organic materials. Geo-composites create a drainage layer that allows large volumes of water to move in a small amount of space without failure or blockage.

CCM Drain is our most popular stocked composite. Use CCM Drain to manage subsurface water around building foundations or waterproofing systems. The two-part composite has a dimpled drain board and a nonwoven filter fabric. Soil, grout or sand are retained by the fabric while water can pass easily through the drain board and drain vertically, rather than horizontally. Available as a 4′ x 50′ easy to install roll.


CCM Drain 150


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CCM Drain 400


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