Regulations at the local, state and federal level have increased professional and community awareness of proper stormwater management. Filtration, nutrient monitoring and retention of natural water resources are a critical part of this discussion. Colonial stays on the cutting edge of stormwater by partnering with industry leaders to create and distribute innovative solutions address these concerns.

Detention & Filtration

Detention and filtration systems are used to trap stormwater runoff and filter unwanted pollutants that might contaminate the water table, streams and rivers.

Inlet Protection

Colonial offers both curb inlet and drop inlet devices, including DOT approved products.


As the largest supplier of HDPE and CMP pipe in the Mid-Atlantic region, Colonial stocks many different coils, sticks and fittings.

Porous Paving Systems & Cells

Porous paving systems and cells are used to create road-like surfaces that filter and absorb runoff water to dissipate stormwater into the soil.

Turbidity Curtain

Turbidity curtains are considered the silt fence of water because they inhibit the flow of silt into open water systems near marine or shoreline construction.

Dewatering Devices

Silt Bags, Specialty Dewatering Bags and Flocculants are all available to control water on site.

Drainage Solutions

Drainage problems can be easily solved by installing French Drains, Channel Drain Systems or a combination of quality drainage products.