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Patio Pavers, Driveway Pavers and Retaining Wall Block

Hardscapes are stone blocks that add design and function to landscaping projects and commercial applications. Patio pavers, permeable pavers, driveway pavers, stepping stones and retaining wall block are all hardscapes that are available at Colonial Construction Materials.

Patio pavers

Residential Hardscape Projects

Hardscapes add dimension and intrigue to a home’s landscape. Driveway pavers and stone paver walkways improve curb appeal while patio pavers create a more polished backyard retreat. There are many different ways to incorporate hardscapes into a residential landscape design.

Residential hardscape ideas:

  • Driveway pavers
  • Stone paver paths and walkways
  • Brick paver walkways
  • Raised beds with retaining wall bock
  • Backyard patio pavers
  • Paver pool decks
  • Fire pits
  • Hardscape outdoor kitchens

Completed Residential Hardscape Projects

Hardscapes for Residential Landscaping

We supply a wide variety of hardscapes and pavers for your residential landscaping projects. Here you will find a sample of popular pavers from Keystone Hardscapes, a leading manufacturer of hardscape products.

English Cobble

English Cobble™ pavers have a tumbled finish that evokes classic sophistication for paths, patios and hardscape driveways.

Classic Cobble

This traditional paver has rounded corners, a domed “pillow top” and is offered in 6″x6″ and 6″x9″ blocks that are often installed together.

Holland Stone

This simple but classic paver is available in multiple heights and colors which can be installed in various patterns, maeing Holland Stone truly versatile.

York Tile

York Tile™ is a slate-faced slab paver with a vintage texture that can be installed in residential and commercial hardscape projects.

Terrace Stone

Terrace Stone™ is an oversized paver offered in a 3-piece slab system that is available with a smooth or textured finish.


This low-maintenance paver has a photo-realistic finish, is virtually non-porous and is stain resistant.

Concrete Coping

Concrete coping is available in multiple shapes and colors to complement new and existing pool deck pavers.

Stonegate square fire pit for backyard

Outdoor Living

Take your residential hardscape project to the next level with fire pits, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens.

Request a brochure to explore more hardscape options including additional paver designs, colors and sizes.

Synthetic Turf for cornholl

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