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Five Products to Upgrade Your Backyard Landscape This Fall

A well-manicured front yard gives you curb appeal but a backyard landscape is equally and sometimes more important to homeowners. The backyard is where many of us do our outdoor entertaining, spend time with our family and play with our pets.

If you are tackling a backyard landscape project this Fall, we can provide you with the products you will need. In this article, we’re going to highlight our favorite backyard landscape products including:

  • Hardscapes
  • Landscape Edging
  • Artificial Turf
  • NDS Drainage Solutions
  • Ground Protection Mats

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a do-it-yourself homeowner we hope this article helps you source ideas and explore product options for your next backyard landscape project.


Adding hardscapes to your backyard is a great way to add dimension and interest. Hardscape projects can be as simple as adding a paver pathway or as complex as replacing a wood deck with a paver patio. The most important thing to consider is budget and backyard size.

Backyard hardscape projects include:

  • Add a paved path
  • Build a paver pool deck or sundeck
  • Install an outdoor kitchen and entertaining center
  • Add a fire pit
  • Replace a wood deck with a paver patio
  • Add paver stepping stones

Early Fall is a great time to tackle hardscape projects in the Mid-Atlantic. Ideally, you should start your paver project in August or September. These months are mild in the Mid-Atlantic, so the ground is soft and it’s not too cold to lay pavers. If you wait until late October to start a paver patio, you run the risk of weather delays and cracking.

Some of our most popular pavers include Classic Cobble™, English Cobble™, Holland Stone and Stonegate Outdoor Living Products.

We recommend exploring all of your paver options at our hardscape partner, Keystone Hardscapes. Keystone Hardscapes manufactures patio pavers, wall block, permeable pavers, outdoor kitchens, and fire-pits. Their Doswell, Virginia location is less than forty miles from our Richmond, Virginia warehouse which makes pick-ups and deliveries fast and easy for in-stock hardscapes. 

If you’re looking for inspiration before beginning your paver project, explore some backyard hardscape projects that we have supplied.


Add landscape edging for an easy and functional update. You can add edging to your paver project or install it alone for a quick backyard landscape upgrade.

Metal landscape edging creates a refined finish around mulch beds and flower beds. It is also used for edge restraint around driveways and paver patios.

We supply Permaloc’s state-of-the-art aluminum landscape edging.

Our Richmond and Virginia Beach warehouses stock Permaloc ProSlide™ edging in black and bronze. This edging is easy-to-install, flexible and durable. It can be used for curved and linear applications for front yards, backyards and commercial landscapes.

Artificial Turf

Adding artificial turf to your backyard can completely transform the landscape. Artificial turf is a low maintenance turf alternative that eliminates the need for mowing, fertilization and irrigation.

You can replace an entire grass lawn with artificial turf or simply add a small feature. Some homeowners have backyard putting greens or outdoor gaming areas.

There is a significant up-front cost to installing artificial turf, especially when you must replace a grass lawn. However, there are long term cost savings that pay off for many homeowners.

Synthetic turf in backyard

Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Turf

Read our Comprehensive Guide to Synthetic Turf to learn more about the costs associated with adding an artificial turf lawn.

We supply ShawGrass synthetic turf, a premier artificial turf with varieties that mimic the look of real grass. This turf is offered in multiple colors, varieties and pile heights.

We do not suggest that homeowners install artificial turf on their own. It is important that a turf backyard be properly graded and prepped so that your yard drains properly and lasts for years.

Before starting an artificial turf project, ask us for product samples so that you can compare turf varieties.

Drainage Solutions for the Backyard

Hardscapes, artificial turf and edging upgrade the look of the backyard but it is important to also monitor and improve drainage systems.

If you are replacing grass with artificial turf or pavers it is very important to make sure the right drainage systems are in place because replacing grass can change the way your landscape drains.

A few common backyard drainage issues include:

  • Pooling water on patio
  • Downspout runoff
  • Pooling water in the yard

Although these problems are frustrating, all of the issues are easily solved with the right NDS product. NDS is the leading manufacturer of drainage products for residential and commercial applications.

Pop-Up Emitters, Catch Basin Kits, Channel Drain and EZ-Flow for French drains are popular NDS products that are in-stock at our warehouses.

If your backyard drainage problem requires a different solution, we supply the entire NDS product line. Our pricing is competitive and we price match big-box stores when you provide us their price.

Don’t Forget About Ground Protection

If you’re tackling one of these backyard landscaping projects, don’t forget to protect your grass and driveways.

GEOTERRA GTO construction mat

We recommend Presto Geosystem’s GTO Mats for landscape ground protection.

These ground protection mats are light weight and easy to deploy. Connect multiple units together to build a path for equipment and people to get to and from the backyard.

GTO Mats are designed for heavy construction which means they can bear the load of a pallet of pavers and landscaping equipment.

Start Your Backyard Landscape Project Today 

Ready to get started on your landscaping project? Contact us to request a quote or give us a call to discuss your project details. Our sales team can help you compare products and provide insight from similar projects.

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