Wood Slat Sand Fence for Beach Erosion

Sand Fence is a wood-slat fence for beach preservation. This temporary fence is an effective and environmentally friendly way to restore dunes, preserve coastlines and control sand drifts.

Ocean-front homeowners, commercial properties and municipalities across the Mid-Atlantic choose wood slat fence because it is affordable, effective and reliable. In northern climates, this fence is known as Snow Fence. Snow Fence controls wind drifts in regions that get high volumes of snow.

Stained Sand Fence on dunes

Natural and Stained Fence

We supply two options for wood slat fence: natural and stained.

The natural sand fence is left untreated. The stained fence is painted with a red iron oxide stain that is water-based and environmentally safe.

Both types of fence are comprised of No.1 Aspen or Spruce pickets (3/8” x 1 ½” x 48”), woven with 5 double strands of 13-gauge galvanized wire.

Each roll is 4-feet (tall) x 50-feet (long).

Installing Wood Slat Fence

Sand Fence is typically installed with steel fence posts, 2x4s or U-Channel Posts. Installation standards including the type of fence post and post spacing varies by municipality, engineer and project. Always refer to local standards for fence installation requirements and beach preservation restrictions.

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Waves eroding coastline

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