At Colonial Construction Materials, we offer a large inventory of landscape products that promote proper turf management. Seed, hydromulch and ornamental products are all essential to mitigating erosion and maintaining a developed property. Add hardscapes, edging and synthetic turf to create a finished look for private and commercial developments.


Colonial offers the highest quality pure seeds and custom blends, which can be used for either commercial or residential projects.

Turf and Ornamental Products

Turf and ornamental products include herbicides, glysophates, surfactants and various other products to improve overall fertility and health.

Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabrics are a requirement for all landscape projects because they provide separation and filtration in mulch beds and drainage systems.


Aluminum edging adds instant curb appeal and controls materials that may spread from wind or rain.


Colonial offers a vast array of different stone products, available in various colors and styles in order to complement any residential or commercial hardscape project.

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf is available for home owners and businesses that prefer a low maintenance approach to turf management.