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At Colonial Construction Materials, you will find a large inventory of landscaping supplies for your professional and residential landscaping projects. Our selection of professional turf management products includes grass seed, pavers, landscape edging and ornamental products. We supply landscapers, homeowners and contractors with the landscaping products you need for healthy turf and curb appeal.

Grass Seed and Professional Turf Products

Grass Seed

Find dozens of grass seed varieties including Fescue, Rye, Millet and Custom Blends.

Turf and Ornamental Products

Explore our selection of grass fertilizer, herbicides and professional turf products.

Landscaping Supplies for Curb Appeal

Landscape Edging

Learn more about PermaLoc, our preferred landscape edging brand.  


Our hardscape products include pavers, fire pits, stepping stones and more. 

Artificial Turf

If desire a low-maintenance landscape, explore our premium artificial turf options.

Landscaping Supplies for Drainage Projects

Drainage Solutions

We supply NDS drainage solutions for your commercial and residential drainage problems.


Explore our inventory of Corrugated HDPE Pipe including coils and dual-wall pipe.

Landscape Fabric

Find Landscape Fabric options including mulch bed fabric and drainage fabric.

Learn More About Landscaping

We have articles for landscape professionals, do-it-yourself homeowners and contractors that need turf management guidance.

Hydroseeding 101

Hydroseeding Basics for Contractors and Landscapers Hydroseeding is a method of hydraulically applying grass seed and hydromulch. You can hydroseed…

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