Chain Link Fence - Colonial Construction Materials
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Chain Link Fence

Chain Link protects stock yard

Chain Link Fence

Colonial Construction Materials partnered with a domestic manufacturer to bring to market the highest quality chain link products. Chain Link serves two primary functions: reinforcement and perimeter control. Multiples strengths, sizes and finishes are available to meet each application’s specification.


Super Silt Fence is specified on long term sites with highly sensitive areas that are susceptible to erosion. Super Silt Fence contains Super Silt Fence Fabric, Chain Link and Galvanized Line Poles. The Chain Link strength (or gauge) is typically 9 gauge or 11.5 gauge. Our installation crews install thousands of feet of Super Silt Fence each year and are trained to meet DOT requirements and site specifications.

Super Silt Fence Materials commonly include:

  • 11.5 gauge or 9 gauge Chain Link (42″ x 50′)
  • Super Silt Fence Fabric (42″ x 300′)
  • 2.5″ x 6′ Galvanized Line Poles
  • Aluminum Ties or Hog Rings

Consult your site, county or state requirements for Super Silt Fence to ensure you meet proper specifications.

Perimeter Control

Temporary Chain Link is used for perimeter control on sites of all sizes. Temporary Chain Link creates a barrier between the construction site and public space and prevents trespassers from entering sensitive areas. Add a Screen to Temporary Chain Link to brand your site and post security warnings. Our installation crews are trained to install Temporary Chain Link and Screen Fence.

 Other chain link applications:

  • Playground Fencing
  • Estate Fencing
  • Residential Chain Link Fencing
  • Privacy Fencing
  • Commercial Fencing
  • Subdivision Fencing
  • State and Military Installations