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Geocell, Cellular Confinement

Cellular Confinement Systems

Geocells are three-dimensional cellular panels that stabilize soil through compaction and confinement. The honeycomb cells compact the fill vertically and horizontally which prevents lateral shearing and movement. Geocells can be filled with topsoil, angular stone, concrete, sod or hydroseeding materials. The compacted fill is stronger and weight is dispersed over a larger area.

Install geocells on MSE Walls or fire lanes and unpaved roads that need to be stabilized. For severe erosion, use geocells on embankments, swales and channels. The three-dimensional solution creates long-term structural stability rather than surface level protection.

Our geocells are Made in the USA and composed of 100% virgin HDPE.

Cells are available in 3″, 4″, 6″ or 8″ depths.

Cell size and panel size increase from EGA20, EGA30 and EGA40.

Installation of geocells is project specific. Depending on site specifications, geocells can be secured with EnviroClips, EnviroLocks, or Tendons.




Download Spec



Download Spec



Download Spec

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