GEOWEB® Geocell 3D Soil Stabilization System

A geocell is three-dimensional cellular panel that stabilizes soil through confinement and compaction. The GEOWEB® Soil Stabilization System has an interconnected honeycomb-like network that compacts fill vertically and horizontally, which prevents lateral shearing and movement.

The GEOWEB Geocell can be filled with topsoil, aggregate, concrete, vegetation, or on-site materials. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), GEOWEB Geocell offers the highest, longest-lasting, and most proven performance of any geocell system in civil applications.

The GEOWEB system has 3 cell sizes, 5 cell depths, and 5 section lengths to create a system that is made to work for your project.

GEOWEB Applications

The 3D GEOWEB® system is suitable for a variety of applications to solve soil stabilization problems and to deliver more economic solutions than conventional materials. The four key applications for geocell is load support, slope/shoreline protection, channel support, and retaining walls.


There are 3 GEOWEB cell options, 5 cell depths, and 5 section lengths. Each cell (GW20V, 30V and 40V) is available in any of the 5 cell depths and 5 section lengths.

Geocell OptionsCell DepthsSection Length (in cells)
GW20V3″18 cells
GW30V4″21 cells
GW40V6″25 cells
8″29 cells*
12″34 cells
*standard section length
GW20V Spec
GW30V Spec
GW30V6 Wall Spec
GW40V Spec

The GEOWEB System is the Best in Soil Stabilization

Fast to Deploy

And A Solution for All Sectors of Construction

GEOEWEB for soil stabilization on Spotsylvania solar farm


Spotsylvania Solar Farm

Lake Anna Home with geocell cart parth


Lakefront Cart Path

River front home with GEOWEB retaining wall


Riverfront Retaining Wall

Installing GEOWEB

ATRA Accessories: Geocell Installation Components

The GEOWEB system is equipped with ATRA® components for increased strength, long-term performance, and speed of installation, making this the most complete geocell system on the market.

Use ATRA accessories like the ATRA Key Connection Device, ATRA Tendon Clips, and ATRA Anchors (HDPE, Rebar, or Fiberglass) to quickly install the GEOWEB system.

ATRA Key installed in the GEOWEB geocell system


The ATRA Key is the most efficient geocell connection device on the market. Simply insert the key through the I-slot (oval openings) in the GEOWEB panels and twist to lock in place. ATRA Keys are made of polymeric material that are strong and resistant to corrosion.

  • Won’t corrode in corrosive environments
  • Three times faster than stapling
  • Three times easier than stapling
  • No equipment required for installation
  • Fast, easy and simple installations
ATRA Tendon Clip with tendon pulled through GEOWEB

ATRA Tendon Clips

If your project requires tendons for installation, use the ATRA Tendon Clip for a strong and secure connection. After the tendon is threaded through the cell’s I-slot, simply push the tendon through the clip’s circular hole, twist the loop and hang loop over the top of the clip, and pull tight.

The ATRA Tendon Clip can be used with woven polyester, Kevlar, or woven polypropylene tendons.

ATRA Speed Stake attached to the GEOWEB geocell

ATRA Speed Stake

The ATRA Speed Stake anchors your GEOWEB system in corrosive soils. The Speed Stake is an all-in-one polymer stake with ATRA Stake Clip already built-on.

ATRA Stake Clip and ATRA Anchors

Anchor the GEOWEB system with the ATRA Stake Clips and Anchors for additional support that prevents the system from sliding.

The ATRA Stake Clip caps  ½” diameter (#4) rebar stakes. If your project calls for GFRP (glass fiber reinforced polymer) stakes, choose the complete ATRA GFRP Anchor system that includes the Stake Clip and GFRP Stake.

Geocell Design Support

Our partnership with Presto Geosystems enables us to supply Mid-Atlantic contractors and engineers with the trusted GEOWEB Soil Stabilization System.

You can depend on Colonial Construction Materials for material supply and technical support, with the full backing of Presto Geosystems’ design and innovation.

If you need project and design assistance, complete a free project evaluation. After an expert reviews your project, we will provide you with a free quote that includes the cost of geocell and installation accessories.

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