Presto Geosystems Now Available at Colonial Construction Materials

Presto Geosystems GEOWEB for steep slope stabilization

New Manufacture Announcement: Now Supplying Presto Geosystems

Our entire team at Colonial Construction Materials is thrilled to announce that we are now supplying Presto Geosystems products!

Presto Geosystems is the leading manufacturer of cellular confinement and soil stabilization systems. Their patented systems including GEOWEB®, GEOBLOCK®, GEOPAVE®, GEOTERRA® and GEORUNNER® have proven results on projects around the world. By partnering with Presto Geosystems, we will now be able to supply our customers in Virginia, Maryland and Eastern North Carolina with even greater geotechnical solutions to complement our full line of erosion control products, geotextiles and stormwater management solutions.

Presto Geosystems Products

GEOWEB® Geocells – Soil Stabilization System

With the introduction of geocell soil confinement technology in 1979, Presto Geosystems made history as one of the early pioneers in the world of geosynthetics. Today, Presto’s GEOWEB cellular confinement system is widely considered the industry standard for geocells. For decades, GEOWEB geocells have been installed around the world for load support, slope and shoreline protection, channel protection and retaining wall applications.

The GEOWEB cellular confinement system is made from virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The strong and flexible system is made up of an interconnected network of perforated and textured cells. Quickly connect the geocell panels side-to-side and end-to-end, with ATRA® keys and anchor with ATRA® accessories, to create a complete monolithic GEOWEB system that stabilizes and confines a variety of infill materials.

The GEOWEB system has 3 cell sizes, 5 cell depths, and 5 section lengths to create a system that is truly made to work for your project.

GEOWEB Cell SizesCell DepthsSection Length – in cells
GW20V3″18 cells
GW30V4″21 cells
GW40V6″25 cells
8″29 cells
12″34 cells

ATRA® Accessories

Use ATRA Accessories for faster and easier GEOWEB installations.


The ATRA Key is the most efficient geocell connection device on the market. Simply insert the key through the I-slot (oval openings) in the GEOWEB panels and twist to lock in place. ATRA keys are comprised of polymeric material, therefore won’t corrode, even when exposed to corrosive environments.

ATRA Key installed in GEOWEB

Using the ATRA Key results in an installation that is three times faster and three times stronger then stapling, plus no equipment needed. No pneumatic staplers.  No jams. No compressors. No hassles.

ATRA® Tendon Clips

If your installation requires tendons instead of stake anchorage, you will want to use the ATRA Tendon Clip for a strong and secure connection, and efficient load transfer, between the tendon and the Geoweb panels.

After the tendon is threaded through the cell’s I-slot, simply push the tendon through the clip’s circular hole, twist the loop and hang loop over the top of the clip, and pull tight.

The ATRA Tendon Clip can be used with woven polyester, Kevlar, or woven polypropylene tendons.

ATRA® Stake Clip and ATRA® Anchors

Anchor the GEOWEB system with the ATRA Stake Clips and Anchors for additional support that prevents the system from sliding. The ATRA Stake Clip caps  ½” diameter (#4) rebar stakes to anchor the GEOWEB system. If your project calls for GFRP (glass fiber reinforced polymer) stakes, choose the complete ATRA GFRP Anchor system that includes the Stake Clip and GFRP Stake.

ATRA® Speed Stake

The ATRA Speed Stake is another option for anchoring your GEOWEB system in corrosive soils.

ATRA Speed Stake attached to GEOWEB

The Speed Stake is an all-in-one polymer stake with ATRA Stake Clip already built-on.

GEOBLOCK® Grass Pavers

GEOBLOCK Grass Pavers create a structurally stable vegetated porous paving system. The drivable grass system is ideal for overflow parking, fire lanes, walkways, trails and sidewalk edging.

GEOBLOCK Grass Pavers project

Unlike rolled porous paving products, the GEOBLOCK Grass Pavers have a rigid design. This results in the high flexural strength and resistance to torsional loading (vehicles turning). Connect the grass paver panels with the tabular interlocking system and screws (optional).

All GEOBLOCK Grass Paver Panels are 20” x 40” and you have two options for cell depth. Standard GEOBLOCK is 1.2” deep and GEOBLOCK5150 is 2” deep, which is the deepest cell on the market today!

GEOPAVE® Gravel Pavers

Choose GEOPAVE Gravel Pavers for a stabilized aggregate-filled porous pavement system. Similar to GEOBLOCK units, the GEOPAVE panels are large and have a rigid structure for better load distribution.

GEOPAVE Gravel Paver

The gravel paver panels have an integral bottom mesh that prevents aggregate from migrating out of the porous panel system. Connect the panels with U-Clips that are driven into place for a secure connection between pavers.

GEOPAVE pavers are available in black or tan. Each paver is 2” deep and are 20” x 40”.


GEOTERRA Mats support construction vehicles on soft soils. The GEOTERRA Mats are similar to the GEOBLOCK units design, but without the interlocking tabs. GEOTERRA Mats don’t require fill.

GEOTERRA construction mat

These construction mats are lightweight and easy to handle without the use of heavy equipment. Connect GEOTERRA Mats with PADLOCs to create a mat system sized to your project’s needs.


The GEOTERRA GTO System is a strong and stable construction mat that supports heavy equipment. Install the GEOTERRA GTO mats for construction access, tracking pads, helipads as well as oil and mining roads.

GEOTERRA GTO construction mat

The open cellular panels connect with bolts, support the heaviest vehicular loads, and don’t require infill! A unique polymer blend results in a high-strength unit that is still lightweight and easy to install. 

GEORUNNER® Turf & Scour Protection

The GEORUNNER unit is a flexible mat that provides surface flow protection and turf protection.

The open cellular panels interconnect to create a smooth transition. Connect multiple panels side-to-side and end-to-end with rivets and clips to create a full interconnected system.


When used for surface flow protection, the GEORUNNER mats provides scour protection at culvert outfalls, drainage ditches, and shoreline protection. In this application, the GEORUNNER mats are often installed over a turf reinforcement mat (TRM).

When used for temporary turf protection, the GEORUNNER mats are installed over grass for site access, bridging sand soils, and wheelchair access for events.

Local Support and Supply

Our team at Colonial Construction Materials is excited to see Presto’s products on sites across Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina. Many construction projects specify the Presto Geosystem’s products because engineers know that the products are high quality, proven and cost-effective. If your plans specify a Presto Geosystems project, contact our sales team for a quote.

If you need design assistance, Presto offers free project evaluations. Fill out a project evaluation request for load support, slope protection, channel protection, railway ballast support or retaining walls. After your evaluation and design is complete, the Colonial Construction Materials team will provide you with pricing and the local support you have come to expect from our sales team.