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Geogrid and Woven Geotextiles for Severe Geotechnical Issues

High Strength Geotextiles and Geogrids stabilize extremely poor soils and support heavy top loads. These geosynthetics are categorized by their high tensile strength. Geogrid and High Strength Geotextiles are often specified to support haul roads, highway overpasses, high traffic roadways and bridges, buildings and parking lots for equipment and heavy machinery. 


A geogrid is an extruded net-like geosynthetic that is made from polypropylene. Grids are used for two primary reasons:

  1. Provide tensile load support on soil slopes, berms and MSE walls
  2. Allow multi-directional long-term stabilization on roadways and parking lots

Geogrids are used for many different stabilization applications that range from heavy civil applications to residential retaining walls. The most common grid applications include:

  • Roadway stabilization
  • Parking lot stabilization
  • MSE/retaining wall support
  • Slope support

There are two types of geogrids: Bi-Axial Geogrid and Uni-Axial Geogrid. The directional strength determines the grid’s categorization:

  • Bi-Axial Grids have strength in two directions
  • Uni-Axial Grids have strength in one direction
Bi-Axial Geogrid over stone base on road project

Bi-Axial Geogrid

Bi-Axial Geogrids were designed to be a simple-to-install, high strength product that stabilizes roadways and job sites.

When designed and installed properly, this grid reduces the thickness of the aggregate base by confining soil and stone particles. 

Confinement prevents lateral shearing which allows the load to spread over a broader plane, ultimately decreasing the pressure applied to the subgrade level.

Bi-Axial Geogrids are available in a multiple tensile strengths and aperture sizes.

BX1100 Specification
BX1200 Specification

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Bi-axial geogrid and nonwoven geotextile on construction site

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Green grass from spring seeding

Uni-Axial Geogrid

Uni-Axial Geogrid

Uni-Axial Geogrid was developed to reinforce steep slopes and support MSE/retaining walls. Uni-Axial Grids are comprised of either polyester or polypropylene yarns woven into an interlocking grid.

These geogrids have unparalleled strength in one direction. This one-directional strength makes it purposeful in tie back applications for MSE walls, berms, and other geosynthetic structures.

ERS-2 Specification
ERS-3 Specification
ERS-5 Specification
ERS-8 Specification

High Strength Geotextiles

High Strength Geotextiles incorporate both polypropylene and polyester components. These geotextile fabrics are used in environments where the subgrade is extremely weak and high tensile modulus is necessary.

Geogrid and High Strength Geosynthetic

Typical Applications for High Strength Geotextiles:

  • Roadway stabilization
  • Parking lot stabilization
  • Slope support
  • Haul roads
  • Highways
300HTM Specification
400HTM Specification
600HTM Specification
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