Steel and Wood Fence Posts

Explore our selection of wood and steel fence posts for you next fence installation. Install Silt Fence, Chain Link, Wire Fence and Barrier Fence with our high quality, field-tested steel and oak stakes. Choose from Oak Wood Stakes, Steel T-Posts and Galvanized Line Poles as well as ties and rings for securing fence to stakes.

Wood fence posts

Wood Fence Posts

We produce high quality Oak Stakes at our wood mill in Oilville, Virginia. Our Wood Fence Posts are made from locally sourced oak hardwood and produced with pointed ends and flat tops for easy installation.

We offer a range of different sizes included 36-inch Grade Stakes for surveying, 48-inch and 60-inch Oak Stakes for fence installations and 72-inch Posts for staking trees.

Oak StakesBundleCommon Applications
36″ Grade Stakes25 per bundlesurveying, securing wattles and logs
42″ Oak Stakes15 per bundletemporary fence installations
48″ Oak Stakes15 per bundletemporary fence installation
60″ Oak Stakes10 per bundletemporary fence installation
72″ Oak Stakes (Tree Stakes)10 per bundlesecuring trees

Steel T- Posts

Steel Fence Posts, also known as T-Posts, are American-Made from high quality recycled rail steel

Each post is studded uniformly along the length of the T-post. Steel Stakes are available painted (hot dipped galvanized and painted in a green enamel) or unpainted (left unfinished).

Use Steel T-Posts to secure temporary fencing like wire fence, silt fence, barrier fence and sand fence.

Fence Post Size
5 ft painted steel post
5 ft unpainted steel post
6 ft painted steel post
6 ft unpainted steel post
Galvanized Line Pole

Galvanized Line Poles

The Galvanized Line Pole is a steel tube for fence installations. Stronger and more durable than wood posts or steel stakes, the Galvanized Line Pole provides a secure and lasting attachment post for chain link fence. Choose from the standard 2.5″ Galvanized Line Pole or the SS-20 Line Pole.

Post SizePer Bundle
Galvanized Line Poles 2.5″ x 6′37/Bundle
SS-20 Galvanized Line Poles37/Bundle

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