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Construction Dewatering

with Silt Bags and Flocculants

Ground water accumulates on a construction site as a result of excavating, land moving and concrete cutting. Dewatering removes the collected water with pumps while silt bags and flocculants separate suspended solids from the water. Use silt bags and flocculants on their own or combine them for maximum efficiency.

Silt Bag

Dewatering Bag

Needle-punched nonwoven geotextile fabric
Multiple in-stock sizes available with custom options available upon request


Resists ultraviolet deterioration
Resists rotting and biological degradation

To dewater your site, connect a pump hose to the dewatering bag. For best results, place the silt bag on a clean stone base or pervious surface. This will allow for filtered water to be released from all sides of the dewatering bag.

Once the pump is started, the dewatering bag will fill with water, sediment, sand and debris. As the bag starts to fill, the sediment will settle and filtered water will discharge.

Monitor the pump speed and the bag’s sediment levels daily. Once the bag has reached capacity, replace the silt bag with a new one.

5′ x 6′
12′ x 12′
15′ x 15′
15′ x 30′
30′ x 30′
Inquire about custom sizes for special applications.
Silt Bag Specification


Use flocculants for construction dewatering to improve the sedimentation process. When properly administered, flocculants increase settling rates and remove contaminants like heavy metals and other pollutants. During the flocculation process, a flocculant binds to the contaminants in a body of water to improve the quality of the discharged water.

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