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Plastic Fence for Construction and Tree Protection

Barrier Fence is a plastic fencing that is installed for perimeter control and tree protection on construction sites. This fence is also known safety fence and tree protection fence.

The most common plastic fence that you will find at Colonial Construction Materials is Orange Barrier Fence. This temporary orange fence is used for tree protection on construction sites in the Mid-Atlantic.

Tree Protection, aka Barrier Fence

Orange Barrier Fence

Barrier Fence is a plastic fence with large openings. It is most commonly used for tree protection and perimeter control on construction sites.

Orange Barrier Fence is available in standard and heavy duty grades. Both types of temporary fence are offered in multiple heights (4-foot, 5-foot and 6-foot) and lengths (50-foot and 100-foot).

Install plastic fence with Wood Fence Posts or Steel Fence Posts.

Standard Fence

Our standard orange plastic fence meets many DOT requirements for Tree Protection. This fence is offered in 4-foot, 5-foot and 6-foot heights. Most standard rolls are 100-feet in length.

Standard OBF 4′ x 100′
Standard OBF 5′ x 100′
Standard OBF 6′ x 100′

Heavy Duty Fence

The heavy duty fence has a greater ultimate tensile strength and tensile yield than standard plastic fence. Heavy duty safety fence rolls are 4-foot, 5-foot and 6-foot tall and 50-feet and 100-feet long.

Heavy Duty OBF 4′ x 100′

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