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Plastic Fence for Construction Sites and Tree Protection

Temporary plastic fence is for tree protection and perimeter control on construction sites, commercial developments and events. This lightweight and economical temporary fence has large apertures that vary in size and shape. Orange Barrier Fence is the most popular color because international orange fence offers higher visibility but other colors are available.

Orange Barrier Fence for Tree Protection

High visibility orange plastic fence
Provides barrier around tree line during construction
Standard (oval) or Heavy Duty (square) options available


Easy to install
Economical alternative to chain link or wire fence
Won’t rust or corrode


Tree protection
Temporary construction fencing
Perimeter control for events

Orange Barrier Fence gives consumers a strong but cost effective fence for perimeter control and tree protection. The oriented oval mesh fence is stretched under heat to produce maximum strength. The flat laminar design gives the barrier fence higher visibility.

Heavy Duty Barrier Fence is also available for sites that need upgraded protection. The Heavy Duty fence has a square mesh with horizontal and vertical strands that provide high visibility, low wind drag and will withstand severe weather conditions.

Install both the standard and heavy duty temporary fences with Oak Wood Stakes or Steel Fence Posts.

DescriptionUnits per palletSpecs
Orange Barrier Fence 4′ x 100′100 rollsSpec
Orange Barrier Fence 5′ x 100′90 rollsSpec
Orange Barrier Fence Heavy Duty 4′ x 100′45 rollsSpec
Orange Barrier Fence Heavy Duty 5′ x 50′45 rolls

Plastic Fence for Crowd Control and Perimeter Reinforcement

Plastic fence is also available in blue, green and white. Inquire with our sales team to find out what color and sizes are currently in stock.

Blue Barier Fence
Blue Barrier Fence
Green Barrier Fence
Green Barrier Fence
White Barrier Fence
White Barrier Fence

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