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Plastic Fence for Construction Containment and Tree Protection

Install plastic construction fence for tree protection, perimeter control and debris containment on construction sites. Choose from Barrier Fence or Debris Netting, both available in multiple colors and sizes.

Tree Protection, aka Barrier Fence

Barrier Fence

Barrier fence is a plastic temporary fence that is installed for perimeter control and tree protection. This temporary fence is also known safety fence and tree protection fence.

Barrier Fence has large openings that vary in size and shape.

Choose from standard or heavy duty plastic barrier fence. Both standard and heavy duty barrier fence are offered in multiple heights (4-foot, 5-foot and 6-foot) and lengths (50-foot and 100-foot).

Install plastic fence with Wood Fence Posts or Steel Fence Posts.

Orange barrier fence is the most common plastic fence but other colors include green, blue, white and yellow.

Standard Orange Barrier 4′ x 100′
Standard Orange Barrier Fence 5′ x 100′
Standard Orange Barrier Fence 6′ x 100′
Heavy Duty Orange Barrier Fence 4′ x 100′

Blue Debris Netting

Debris Netting

Debris Netting is a plastic mesh like fence that is installed for job site protection ad debris containment on construction sites. The UV-treated netting is made from knitted high density polyethylene (HDPE) mesh with 1/4″ hole openings and has a reinforced border.

Debris netting is offered in orange, blue, green, white, gray, black and red-white-and blue.

Plastic debris netting is lightweight and durable. It also stays flexible in cold temperatures which extends its service life through multiple phases of construction.

Blue debris netting

Debris Netting Applications:

  • construction protection
  • debris containment
  • worker and pedestrian protection
  • scaffolding enclosure

Featured Project: High Rise Bridge

Blue debris netting was installed along the New High Rise Bridge to contain debris and protect vehicles from the construction zone.

See The Project

Installation Suggestions
Debris Netting Flyer
Orange – Fire Retardant4′ x 150′
Orange – Fire Retardant5’6″ x 150′
Orange – Fire Retardant8’6″ x 150′
Orange – Fire Retardant10’6″ x 150′
Orange – Fire Retardant12′ x 150′
Orange – Fire Retardant15′ x 150′
Blue – Fire Retardant8’6″ x 150′
Blue – Fire Retardant10’6″ x 150′
Green – Fire Retardant4′ x 150′
Green – Fire Retardant8’6″ x 150′
White – Fire Retardant8’6″ x 150′
Gray – Fire Retardant4′ x 150′
Gray – Fire Retardant8’6″ x 150′
Red/White/Blue – Fire Retardant4′ x 150′
Black – Standard4′ x 150′
Black – Standard8’6″ x 150′
Black – Standard10’6″ x 150′

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