Colonial Construction Materials continues to expand its inventory of fence products each year in order to provide contractors and developers the highest quality options. Our fences are used to secure sites, reinforce perimeter controls and protect sensitive areas.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is available in a variety of strengths and is used for reinforcement on construction sites and protection around playgrounds, projects, residential areas and other commercial sites.

Barrier Fence

Barrier fence is most commonly used for tree protection. Orange Barrier Fence is the most popular color but Colonial also stocks barrier fence in different colors and strengths.

Sand Fence

Sand fence is designed to prevent wind erosion and provide dune stabilization on coastlines.

Field Fence

Field Fences like Welded Wire, Hog Wire and Hardware Cloth protect private and commercial projects from trespassers and are used to reinforce erosion control fences.

Fence Screen

Fence Screen is used for security, protection and privacy on job sites but is also a great advertising opportunity.

Snow Fence

Snow fence drives snow in one direction to keep it off roadways and paths during the winter months.