Grass Seed for Erosion Control and Construction

We supply grass seed for temporary and permanent seeding on Mid-Atlantic construction sites. Our warehouses stock seasonally rotated varieties of Fescue, Rye and Millet as well as specialty blends like Contractor’s Mix Grass Seed and premium turf blends.

Custom Grass Seed Mixed to Meet Your Soil Conditions

Pollinator Blends

Seeding a solar farm with the right grass seed is critically important. The right mix ensures turf establishment and erosion control during construction and reduced maintenance and improved ecological habitats after construction. We have a proven track record of successfully supplying custom blended grass seed mixtures to utility-scale solar farms in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.

Wetland Mixes

Our Wetland Seed Mix is blended specifically for establishing healthy and consistent vegetation in wetlands. This seed mixture is recommended for stream restorations, RPAs and wetlands. We have a proprietary Wetland Seed Mix but can also custom blend mixes for your environmentally sensitive sites.

Native Mixes

A Native Mix is a custom blend of native grasses that are naturally occurring at a specific location. Native Mixes are often specified for environmentally sensitive areas like retention ponds, wetlands and buffers. Soil tests and ecological reports can reveal what varieties should be included in a custom Native Mix blend.

Colonial-Exclusive Grass Seed Mixes

Green grass on road shoulder

Seasonally Updated Contractor’s Mix

Our Contractor’s Blend is a seasonally adjusted mix designed for construction seeding. This grass seed blend is primarily used for temporary seeding for erosion control or ground cover. We adjust our Contractor’s Blend every season to suit the needs of the Mid-Atlantic Transition Zone’s seasonal demands.

Colonial Erosion Control Mix

Blended specifically for erosion control in the Mid-Atlantic, our in-house Erosion Control Mix is designed to be an impactful yet economical grass seed mixture. This blend includes a combination of perennials, annuals and cover crops to achieve fast establishment and thorough ground cover.

Bag of grass seed

Colonial Heritage Four Way Fescue

Colonial Heritage Four Way Fescue is a quad-fescue blend mixed exclusively for Colonial Construction Materials. This custom mix features four of Pennington’s top performing tall fescues resulting in a premium turf blend that is well-loved on construction sites, commercial properties and homeowners lawns alike.

DOT and DEQ Grass Seed for Construction Seeding

General Slope Mix

Establish permanent vegetation on disturbed land to control erosion, permanently stabilize slopes, improve the natural habitat and enhance the environment’s natural beauty. The General Slope Mix is blended to meet Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) standards for permanent vegetation and is adapted to the growing region.

Hydroseeding with EarthGuard Hydraulic Mulch

Green Tag Certified Grass Seed

Green Tag Certified Grass Seed is available for VDOT projects that require certified seed for temporary and permanent seeding. Green Tag Seed varieties vary by season but may include Annual Ryegrass, Tall Fescue, Fine Fescues, Millet, Bermuda and more.

Grass growing into green wall

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