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Erosion and Sediment Control products are the foundation for a successful construction project. Whether you’re building a single family home or developing a multi-acre solar farm, we have the erosion and sediment control products you will need for soil stabilization, ground protection and sediment control.

Erosion Control Products

for Soil Stabilization and Ground Protection

Erosion Control Blankets

Discover Straw, Coconut and Curlex Erosion Control Blankets for soil stabilization.

Turf Reinforcement Mats

Turf Reinforcement Mats are permanent erosion control blankets for severe erosion problems.

Ground Protection Mats

Our ground protection mats include GTO Mats and Wood Mats for ground transition.


Find everything you need for hydroseeding including hydromulch and additives.

Grass Seed

Explore our grass seed varieties for temporary seeding and project closeouts.

Sediment Control Products

to Manage and Filter Runoff

Check Dams

Explore Check Dam products for controlling soil erosion and runoff in swales.

Wattles and Logs

We supply erosion control wattles including Compost Filter Sock and Coir Logs.

Silt Fence

Find DOT, Commercial and Specialty Silt Fence including all-in-one Silt Fence Kits.

Learn More About Erosion and Sediment Control

Explore our selection of erosion control resources including articles, DOT-buying guides, and industry resources.

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Curlex fibers and straw fibers

Curlex vs. Straw

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Straw matting

Erosion Control Matting

What is Erosion Control Matting? Erosion control matting is a rolled erosion control product, also known as an erosion blanket. Rolled …
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Customize Temporary Fence

Temporary Fence for Construction Perimeter Control Temporary fence creates a non-permanent perimeter around construction sites. Examples of temporary fences include silt …
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Hydroseeding 101

Hydroseeding is a method of hydraulically applying seed and mulch. You can hydroseed lawns, slopes, residential developments, highway medians and almost …
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Erosion Control Resources

DOT Approved Materials

The following guides outline the products Colonial Construction Materials supplies to meet each state’s various erosion control standards.

Rock Check Dams
Erosion Control Blankets
Sediment Retention Rolls
Silt Fence Flow Chart for VDOT Standards
Erosion Control and Landscaping Products
Silt Fence
Erosion Control Blankets
Soil Stabilization Mat
Silt Fence

See Our Erosion Control Products in Action

Explore our portfolio of completed projects to see how our products performed on construction sites across the Mid-Atlantic.

New bridge on Sandbridge Road

Sandbridge Bridge Replacement

Erosion Control Blanket stabilizes road shoulders.

Thalia stream restoration

Thalia Stream Restoration

Coir Matting installed for stream channel stabilization

Recyclex turf reinforcement on ocean solar farm channels

Oceana Naval Solar Farm

Recyclex Turf Reinforcement Mats in swales and ditches

Retention pond under construction

Virginia Beach Fourth Precinct

Straw matting for retention pond

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