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Erosion and Sediment Control products are the foundation for a successful construction project. Whether you’re developing a utility-scale solar farm or expanding a multi-lane interstate, we have the erosion and sediment control products you will need for soil stabilization, ground protection and sediment control.

Erosion Control Products

for Soil Stabilization

Straw matting for channel lining

Erosion Blankets

Temporary and long-term erosion blankets
Recyclex Turf Reinforcement Mat

Turf Reinforcement Mats

Permanent erosion control blankets
Coir matting

Coir Matting

Jute and high strength coir fiber mats
Geocell with tendons

GEOWEB® Geocell

Cellular confinement system
Geoterra Mats

Ground Protection

Mats for ground transition
Flexamat concrete block mats


Concrete block mats

Hydromulch and Grass Seed

for Soil Stabilization and Turf Establishment


Hydroseeding Additives

Tack, dyes and growth stimulants


Fiber mulches and high performance options
Grassy slope

Grass Seed

Grass Seed
Soil health

Soil Health

Lime, Fertilizer and Organic Stimulants
Spraying Biotic Soil Ammendment on soil

Biotic Soil Amendment

Top soil and compost alternative

Sediment Control Products

to Control and Filter Runoff

Gabion basket in waterway

Gabion Baskets

Wire Gabions and Mattresses
Compost Filter Sock for stock pile

Wattles and Logs

Erosion control wattles for sediment control
400EO Silt Fence

Silt Fence

Woven slit films, monofilament silt fence and pre-attached silt fence kits
Curlex Sediment Log installed as check dam in swale

Check Dams

Temporary rock check dam options

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DOT Approved Materials

The following guides outline the products Colonial Construction Materials supplies to meet each state’s various erosion control standards.

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Spotsylvania Solar Farm

Spotsylvania Solar Farm

Spotsylvania, VA
Thalia Stream Restoration

Thalia Stream Restoration

Newport News, VA
High Rise Bridge

High Rise Bridge

Suffolk, VA

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