Retaining wall and coir matting set stream restoration project up for success

Project Details

Sector: Environmental Restoration

Location: Newport News, VA

Owner: City of Newport News

Partners: Henry S. Branscome

Critical Products: Precast MSE blocks, Erosion Control Blanket, Woven Geotextile Fabric, HDPE Pipe

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About the Thalia Stream Restoration Project

Tree overgrowth and stream bank erosion threatened private property, water quality and the livelihood of this Stony Run tributary. The City of Newport News approved a stream restoration project that would mitigate these threats, control flooding and prevent sedimentation.

The Solution

A retaining wall was designed to control flooding and restore the stream channels. The precast MSE wall blocks interlocked together to provide a new structural support system for the stream banks.

A 200-pound woven geotextile fabric was installed before the first precast concrete block was placed. The fabric wrapped behind the wall block and separates the block and stone backfill from the retained backfill. Next, precast wall blocks were installed. The block’s voids were filled with compacted #57 stone. Woven geotextile fabric was wrapped from the back of the wall and under the stone that capped the wall.

Top soil and Single Net Straw Erosion Control Blanket capped the top of the retaining wall. Single Wall HDPE Pipe was installed to convey stormwater.

Further down the stream, Coir Mat was installed to armor the outfalls. This heavy duty coconut fiber blanket naturally stabilizes the stream channel in a location where it is subject to severe erosion. Coir products are commonly used on stream restoration projects because of their natural composition and strength.

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