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Erosion Blanket and Hydraulic Mulch

Hydromulch Blends and Additives

Natural vegetative support is the best way to prevent erosion. Whether you’re hydroseeding a DOT job, commercial development or a residence, there is a hydromulch here for you. Fill your tank with a custom mix of seed, mulch, fertilizers, and additives on your next erosion control job.

Mulch Types

100% Cellulose

We stock SoilCover 100% Cellulose Mulch. Also known as Paper Mulch, this is one of the most common hydromulches. Use Paper Mulch on flat to moderately steep slopes.

70/30 Blend

This blend of cellulose (70) and wood (30) is applicable for flat to steep slopes.

100% Wood

Apply on moderately steep slopes with moderate erosion.


HydraMax™ Mulches

HydraMax™ mulches are composed of varied ratios of straw and reclaimed cotton. This unique blend makes for a more porous spray that has exceptional coverage and a low water to mulch ratio. All HydraMax™ hydromulches are VDOT approved for hydroseeding.

Hydra GT™

Contains 80% straw, 17% reclaimed cotton and 3% tackifier and other additives. Ideal for moderate slopes that are flat to 2:1. Use this as an alternative to blown straw. Approved for HECP Type 2.

Hydra CM™

Contains 70% straw, 20% reclaimed cotton and 10% tackifier and other additives. Hydroseed steep slopes (4:1 to 1:1) for a longevity of about six months. Approved for HECP Type 3.

Hydra CX™

Use this for your extreme slopes (3:1 to 0.5:1) when you need maximum stabilization and soil retention. This blend Contains 65% straw, 25% reclaimed cotton and 10% tackifier and other additives. Approved for HECP Type 4.


Other Hydromulches and Products

Flexterra® HP-FGM™

Apply on steep slopes with extended erosion and unfavorable germination conditions like dormant months. In some applications, Flexterra®  can be applied in lieu of erosion control blankets.

Pro Matrix™ EFM

This mulch has a low water to product ratio. Use one 60 pound bale for every 100 gallons compared to other mulches that use a 50 pound bale for every 100 gallons. and a high load capacity in the at 60 pounds per 100 gallons. More product in the tank means less tanks per job!


This granular hydromulch can be used for jet spray machines or broadcast seeding. Covergrow™ has exceptional ground coverage for dry hydroseeding. On some machines, granular mulch means faster loading and easier spraying.

EZ Mulch

EZ Mulch is a granular  alternative to straw that is made from recycled newspaper and corn fiber. Granular mulches have great coverage, excellent water retention and contain no weed seed. Apply EZ Mulch by hand or by hydroseeder at a suggested rate of 50-70 pounds per 1000 square feet.

Proganics ™ Biotic Soil Media™ (BSM™)

This topsoil alternative enhances soil that has been depleted of necessary organic matter. It is naturally derived and engineered to maximize water retention, establishment and erosion control. Two tanks of ProGanics™ are needed to spray one acre compared to thirty six trucks to spread one acre of topsoil, resulting in major cost and time saving for you.


Complete your tank with:

  • Tackifier
  • Dye
  • Additives including liquid lime, humic agents, bio-stimulants and root additives.


Not sure where to start?

Our infographic breaks down how much mulch, seed and fertilizer you need for a standard hydroseeding job.


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