Hydromulch for Erosion Control and Vegetation

Hydromulch is an effective erosion control product that is hydraulically applied to soil. Combine hydraulic mulch with water, grass seed and soil amendments to control erosion and establish vegetation on construction sites.

Hydromulch steep slope on new construction site

Hydroseeding Applications

Hydroseeding is an effective way to achieve a uniform application, widespread erosion control and vegetative establishment.

Common applications include:

  • Steep slopes
  • Hard to reach areas
  • Multi-acre projects
  • Highways
  • Housing developments
  • Residential neighborhoods

Hydromulch Products

We supply traditional cellulose mulch, blends, wood mulch and specialty hydraulic mulches for high performance.

Hydraulic mulch is sprayed for fast erosion control and vegetative growth

100% Cellulose Hydromulch

Paper Mulch

100% Cellulose, also known as Paper Mulch, is made from 100% recycled cellulose fibers. It is one of the most common erosion control mulches because it successfully controls erosion at a cost-effective price. When hydraulically applied, the cellulose fibers bond with the soil to create a porous layer that controls erosion and accelerates germination for plant growth. Apply 100% Cellulose Mulch on flat to mild slopes.

Fast Facts

  • 100% paper mulch
  • Fully degradable cellulose fibers
  • Apply on slopes less than 4:1
  • 50lb bale

100% Wood Hydraulic Mulch

100% Wood Hydromulch is derived from wood chips. Wood Mulch has greater moisture retention than cellulose fibers which is important for establishing vegetation. Use Wood Mulch on moderately steep slopes with moderate erosion problems.

Fast Facts

  • Fully degradable wood fibers
  • Apply on slopes less than or equal to 2:1
  • 50lb bale

70/30 Hydromulch Blend

70/30 Hydromulch

Hydraulic Mulch Blend

This hydromulch blend includes a mixture of 70% cellulose fibers to 30% wood fibers. Apply this fully biodegradable mulch for erosion control and vegetative establishment on moderate slopes.

Fast Facts

  • 70% cellulose fibers, 30% mulch fiber
  • Apply on slopes less than or equal to 3:1
  • 50lb bale

High Performance Hydromulch Products

EathGuard Fiber Matrix High Performance Hydromulch for highway project

EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix™

Wood Fibers Mulch with Tackifier

EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix™ is a high performance hydromulch made from wood fibers and a proprietary binding agent. This engineered mulch has a high soil retention rating which means it is a great choice for erosion control – even on steep slopes.

EarthGuard Fiber® Matrix™ has a unique formula that works directly on the soil so it does not harden. Instead, the mulch creates a porous covering that allows water to infiltrate and aids in vegetative establishment. When EarthGuard® Fiber Matrix™ binds with the soil, it flocculates sediment so that discharged stormwater is clean. The high load rating and low application rate means you can apply more EarthGuard® in less time compared to other high performance mulches.

Fast Facts

  • 90% wood fiber, 10% PAM
  • Mulch dyed green for high visibility
  • Low application rate
  • High load rating
  • 50lb bale
  • Super sacks and liquid container available upon request
Loading Chart

Before and After Hydroseeding with EarthGuard Fiber Matrix™

EDGE™ EarthGuard™ Hydromulch

Granular Hydraulic Mulch

EDGE™ is a granular hydromulch that offers excellent erosion control and quick growth establishment. Granular mulch is easier to load and handle compared to other hydromulches. This type of mulch is ideal for a small hydroseeder but it can also be spread by hand or spreader. EDGE™ is dyed dark green in order to make application easy and uniform.

Fast Facts

  • Compact mulch pellets
  • Dyed green for visibility
  • Requires 50% less water
  • 99.9% erosion control rating
  • 50lb bag
  • Bulk sacks (900lb and 1000lb available upon request)

Hydroseeding Additives

Add these amendments to your hydromulch for visibility, growth stimulation and overall soil health.


Add tackifier to your hydroseeder to improve efficiency during discharge and application. Tackifier reduces friction in the hydroseeder pumps which improves discharge. Once the slurry is applied, tackifier bonds hydromulch to the soil.

Tackifier is also used to bond straw to soil if you are blowing straw for erosion control.

We supply a granular Tackifier that is dyed blue for visibility. This product is compatible with all fiber mulches. If you add this to your slurry, you do not need Turf Marker Blue.

7oz Bottle 9 Bottles/Case

Safety Data Sheet

Turf Marker Blue

This blue liquid dye is a visual indicator for hydroseeding and hydromulching. Some hydromulches and tackifiers are dyed green or blue during manufacturing.  If that is the case, turf marker blue is not necessary for your hydroseeding slurry.

This blue liquid dye is also used for applying landscape chemicals like herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

1 Gallon Jug4 Jugs/Case

Safety Data Sheet

JumpStart™ Bio-Stimulant

JumpStart™ is a liquid formula that contains humic acid and more than 200 specifies of beneficial soil bacteria to jump start vegetative establishment.

Benefits of using JumpStart™:

  • improves moisture infiltration and retention
  • promotes faster nutrient uptake
  • maximizes root development
  • improves plant stress tolerance
  • reduces soil compaction and salinity
  • reduces nutrient leaching and runoff

Test Results:

In a grass growth study utilizing ASTM D7322, JumpStart™ demonstrated the following outcomes compared to the control group:

  • 275% more seed germination
  • 281% greater plant height
  • 115% greater plant mass
2.5 Gallon2 Jugs/Case
Safety Data Sheet

Liquid NeutraLime™

Liquid Lime controls the soil’s pH, hardness and alkalinity. Jugs of Liquid Lime are easy to handle which promotes precise application without the dust. Liquid Lime mixes well with hydromulch for a uniform slurry.

2.5 Gallon Jug2 Jugs/Case

Safety Data Sheet

Dry NeutraLime™

NeutraLime™ is a dry lime that balances pH by neutralizing acidic soil. This dry formula is more concentrated than Pelletized Lime. When properly applied, NeutraLime™ improves pH within 3-7 days.

NeutraLime™ can be added to a hydroseeder and combined with hydromulch.

1 Gallon Jug4 Jugs/Case

Safety Data Sheet

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