Check Dams for Ditches and Swales

Check dams prevent erosion by decreasing the velocity of water and filtering sediment from runoff. Install these erosion control products in swales, ditches or waterways to stop water and prevent downhill erosion. If you are looking for an alternative to the rock check dam, explore our ditch check options including the Triangular Silt Dike, Silt Sock and Curlex Sediment Log.

Triangular Silt Dike

Reusable alternative to rock check dam
Urethane foam structure wrapped in woven geotextile fabric


Fast and easy installation
Offered in black, orange and green


Ditch check
Diversion dike
Drop inlet protection
Stream and pond protection

A Triangular Silt Dike is a reusable urethane foam check dam in the shape of a triangle. The foam structure is wrapped in woven geotextile fabric. Staple or trench in the Triangular Silt Dike’s geotextile apron to secure it in place.

SizeBundle Quantity
10″ x 7′4 per bag
Triangular Silt Dike Specification

Curlex® Sediment Log ®

Lightweight erosion control wattle that efficiently filters runoff in mild to high flow applications
Patented Curlex® fiber filling
Porous and degradable netting


Flexible and easy to install
35 GPM (ASTM D5414) flow rate


Check dam
Ditch check
Slope interruption
Diversion dike
Inlet protection

The Curlex® Sediment Log®, also known as an Excelsior Log, is one of the industry’s most popular erosion control wattles.

This wattle check dam is filled with American Excelsior’s patented Curlex® fibers, made from renewable Great Lakes aspen wood fibers. Each Curlex® fiber is curled and barbed to create an interlocking matrix.

The excelsior fibers are wrapped in a degradable netting that has an open structure. The porous netting allows runoff to flow through the check dam while trapping sediment. The Curlex® Sediment Log filters runoff at 35 gallons per minute (ASTM D5414).

The natural aspen wood fiber filling dissipates energy in mild to moderate flow areas. For high flow applications, stack or stake the Curlex® Sediment Log® and secure it in place with Oak Stakes.

SizeUnits per pallet
12″ x 10′12 per bundle, 36 per pallet
20″ x 10′18 per pallet
Curlex Sediment Log Specification
Safety Data Sheet

Compost Filter Silt Sock

Heavy erosion control wattle with a wide range of sizes and applications
Composted wood chip matrix
Tightly woven photodegradable netting
Now supplying SiltSoxx and Diamond Sock


Heavy wattle stays in place and won’t easily blow out
Custom cut wattles on site to meet project needs
One product for countless applications


Check dam
Slope interruption
Diversion dike
Inlet protection
Perimeter control
Silt fence reinforcement

Compost Filter Silt Sock is an erosion control wattle filled with composted wood chips and wrapped in tightly woven netting with a 1/8-inch opening. Stack or stake Compost Filter Sock wattles in waterways and swales to trap sediment, filter runoff and prevent erosion.

A 10-foot wattle works for most check dam designs. If you need a longer wattle, consider a single continuous pallet and cut to the desired size. Custom cut wattles in the field by cutting the end and tying off with zip ties.

SizeUnits per pallet
8″ x 10′18 per pallet
8″ x 200′1 per pallet
12″ x 10′10 per pallet
12″ x 200′1 per pallet
18″ x 55′1 per pallet
24″ x 30′1 per pallet
Compot Filter Silt Sock Specification
Product Brochure
Installation Guide

What is a Rock Check Dam?

The most traditional ditch check is the rock check dam.

A rock check dam is a barrier of rip rap stone that is dumped or stacked across a swale. As water travels through the swale, the rocks slow down the water and filter the sediment. These dams are effective but not user-friendly. Rock dams require the contractor to purchase a load of stone, transport it to the site, dump it in place and spread it purposefully across the ditch.

In lieu of traditional Rip Rap Rock Check Dams, we suggest a Triangular Silk Dike, Compost Filter Silt Sock or a Curlex Sediment Log.

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