At the corner of General Booth Boulevard and Prosperity Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia a newly constructed Wawa shares a BMP pond with the Prosperity Pines housing development. The Wawa development was responsible for constructing the BMP’s access road that would allow for maintenance around the pond.

Although a concrete block matting was originally specified for the BMP access road, Colonial recommended value engineering Presto Geosystem’s GEOWEB® cellular confinement system in lieu of the concrete block mats. We worked with Presto Geosystems to provide a custom project evaluation for the design which was approved for use by Kimley-Horn.

The approved design for the maintenance path specified GEOWEB GW30V6, a 6-inch cell filled with engineered infill. The mix of topsoil and crushed aggregate would provide load support for maintenance equipment while supporting vegetation establishment. The geocell system was connected using ATRA® Keys and secured with ATRA® Anchors.

Cost Savings

Value engineering GEOWEB for concrete block mats on the access path resulted in a 40% cost savings to the owner.

Easy Maintenance

The cellular confinement system created a vegetated access road which is easily maintained with regular mowing.

Safe and Easy Install

GEOWEB is safe and easy to install. Ask our team for on-site support if you need a representative on site on install day.

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