Permeable Paving Driveway for New Construction

GEOWEB® geocell creates a porous pavement driveway for new home in coastal Virginia.

Project Details

Sector: Residential

Location: Cape Charles, Virginia

Partners: Presto Geosystems, Solid Structures

Critical Products: GEOWEB GW30V, Aluminum Landscape Edging

About the Project

This new construction home in Cape Charles, Virginia has a massive 6,000 square foot driveway and parking lot. The owner wanted to create a permeable paving driveway that was low maintenance and economical.

Geocell for Porous Pavement

Naturally Aesthetic and Easy to Maintain

Natural porous pavements like GEOWEB® geocell are more eco-friendly and cooler than traditionally paved surfaces. Geocell is a three-dimensional cellular confinement system with perforated cells that can be filled with stone or soil. Angular stone was chosen as the infill for the three-inch cells on this project. This permeable infill allows rain to naturally percolate through the aggregate and into the soil which reduces runoff. The strong system is capable of bearing heavy loads and resists rutting which also reduces maintenance.

Easy to Install

GEOWEB® is lightweight and flexible which makes installation fast and easy. The system ships in flat panels that expand when you install. This 6,000 square foot project required 26 panels that were connected with ATRA® Keys.

Cost Savings

By choosing GEOWEB® instead of pavers, the homeowner reduced both material and labor costs. GEOWEB® is an economical material that costs less than hardscape pavers. Filling the cells with a locally-sourced aggregate also helped keep overall project costs down. Lastly, because geocell systems are so much easier to install than pavers, labor costs were almost cut in half.

Supplied Materials:

Solid Structures employees loved working with GEOWEB. The ease of laying the material to the shape and size we needed was ideal for this massive 6000 sq. ft job. While this was the first time using the product, it will not be the last. GEOWEB was able to give us the reliability of a paver driveway at half the cost. Multiple times [the client] gave their thanks for giving them the driveway of their dreams for a fraction of the price.

Ryan Earley
Senior Outdoor Living Guide
Solid Structures

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