GEOWEB Constructs Pervious Parking Lot

Project Background

In Fayetteville, North Carolina Festival Park is considered the “crown jewel” of downtown with 14 acres of green space, pedestrian walkways and a main stage. The site hosts highly attended festivals, outdoor concerts and community events throughout the year which require reliable parking.

Upgraded Parking Lot Design Requirements

The pre-existing hard compacted gravel and soil parking lot was in need of an aesthetic and functional improvement to meet the growing demands of the popular downtown destination. The client wanted the new parking lot to be presentable, functional and within budget constraints.

Summit Design + Build knew the GEOWEB® geocell cellular confinement system checked all of those boxes. The parking area covers just under 19,000 square feet and can accommodate approximately 50 parked cars. The solution needed to be cost-effective for the size, support the vehicular load and address a drainage problem in the northwest corner of the lot.

Before and After

GEOWEB® Pervious Parking Lot

The approved design called for approximately 19,000 square feet of GEOWEB GW30V 4-inch infilled with clean stone and installed over a 4.0 oz nonwoven geotextile fabric.

Before installation could begin, Elite Site Services excavated and hauled off the compacted stone and soil base. After the lot was graded, the nonwoven geotextile fabric was unrolled. GEOWEB GW30V was installed over the separation fabric and secured with ATRA® Keys and ATRA® Stake Clips and 12 inch rebar stakes. The entire system was installed in approximately one and a half days.

Benefits of GEOWEB® for Pervious Parking

Cost Savings

When compared to a paved parking lot, GEOWEB offers both initial material and installation costs as well as reduced ongoing maintenance costs.

Improved Infiltration

Replacing compacted stone and soil with the perforated cellular confinement system improved rain infiltration and stormwater storage.

Safe and Easy Install

GEOWEB is safe and easy to install. Ask our team for on-site support if you need a representative on site on install day.

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