Weed Barrier and Filter Fabric for Landscaping Projects

Control weeds and improve drainage with nonwoven landscape fabric. Use landscaping fabrics for mulch beds, gardens, hardscape and retention ponds. These nonwoven geotextiles are great for small-scale residential landscapes as well as large commercial landscaping projects.

Custom Cut Landscape Fabric Rolls

Drainage Landscape Fabric

Drainage fabric is a nonwoven geotextile also known as filter fabric or filter cloth. The needle-punch filter fabric allows water to freely flow through its pores while separating layers of material and filtering fine particles of sediment. 

Landscape fabric applications:

Sizes include:

Roll SizeSquare Yards Per Roll
25″ x 360′84 SY
36″ x 360′120 SY
50″ x 360′167 SY
60″ x 360′200 SY
75″ x 360′250 SY
90″ x 360′300 SY
12.5′ x 360′500 SY
15′ x 360′600 SY

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