Colonial Construction Materials | Porous Paving Systems & Cells
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Porous Paving Systems & Cells

Stormwater runoff control is a top priority in most developments. This has resulted in an increased effort to reduce the absorption of runoff water into soil by using porous paving systems and porous cells.

Colonial Construction Materials provides the full gamut of porous pavement products including turf stone, grassy pavers, architecturally friendly pavers, and geocells. These sustainable structures are used for stabilizing parking lots, fire lanes and driveways.  Road-like surfaces can be maintained and stormwater is able to flow freely.

HydroPAVERS™ are Colonial’s newest line of permeable pavers. These pavers are ideal for green roofs, parks and residential developments that especially conscious of maintaining and controlling stormwater. Data sheets are available for hydroPAVERS™ upon request. 

Geocells provide cellular confinement for drainage and compaction and are another tool for stormwater management. The geocell is a cellular three dimensional structure that promotes drainage through its pores as well as stabilization both vertically and laterally through its fill and weight distribution. This creates a solid surface that still allows runoff to drain.

Porous pavers and cells include:

  • Grassy pavers
  • Turfstone™
  • Aquapave permeable pavers
  • Aqua Roc™
  • Gravel pavers
  • Geocells
  • hydroPAVERS™