Colonial Construction Materials | Pipe and Related Accessories
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Pipe and Related Accessories


Single wall corrugated HDPE pipe is ideal for drainage projects where flexibility, lightweight, and low cost are crucial qualities. For decades, single wall pipe has been used for drainage on farms, golf courses, parks and playing fields to keep surfaces dry by channeling away excess underground moisture. Homeowners find it to be an economical, easy-to-install solution to all kinds of residential drainage problems: downspout runoffs, foundation and window well drains, driveway culverts, and wet spots on the lawn. Single wall pipe is also used for highway edge drains and other construction applications where economy and durability are important. Perforated and non-perforated pipe are used for subsurface water collection or leaching action and single wall pipe is offered with uniform slots and drilled holes. Non-perforated pipe is applicable when water must be moved by gravity flow from one point to another.


Double wall corrugated HDPE pipe has built an impressive service record in stormwater and other drainage applications where hydraulics are important and durability is critical. The pipe is offered in diameters from 4″ through 60″. The natural toughness of HDPE is enhanced by the corrugated exterior which increases the structural strength of Double Wall HDPE pipe. It is designed for use under both H-25 and E-80 live loads. Even under some harsh backfill conditions, double wall HDPE pipe has continued to give outstanding performance. Double wall HDPE pipe is manufactured with a smooth inner wall which provides superior flow in order to meet the most demanding hydraulic requirements. This design insures maximum flow capacity, and HDPE’s resistance to abrasion and corrosion will sustain this capacity for years into the future. Double wall HDPE pipe’s lightweight leads to a number of job site economies: more pipe per delivery truck, easier handling, smaller crews, less heavy equipment, less pipe damage, and better safety. The pipe cuts easily and requires no beveling for joining.


Steel and aluminum pipe is available in a variety of corrugations and wall thicknesses in diameters up to 144”. Corrugated steel pipe is available in a number of protective coatings to provide design service life, while aluminum pipe does not require protective coating. These choices allow designers to economically match the best material to the site conditions.

Corrugated metal and spiral rib pipe are available in four different material types to economically meet the environmental and service life conditions defined for each installation.

  • Galvanized Steel (minimum service life of 50 years)
  • Aluminized Steel Type 2 (minimum service life of 75 -100 years)
  • Aluminum Alloy (minimum service life of 75 – 100 years)
  • Polymer Coated Steel (minimum service in excess of 100 years)


A two-ounce per square-foot zinc coating is applied to each side of the steel coil used to produce corrugated steel pipe, amounting to an additional thickness of 0.0017 inches on each side.

Aluminized steel pipe combines the strength of steel with the corrosion resistance of aluminum. A one ounce per square foot aluminum coating is applied to each side of the steel coil used to produce corrugated steel pipe, amounting to an additional thickness of 0.0019 inches on each side.

The core material for aluminum alloy pipe is specially formulated to resist the effects of corrosion and abrasion. Corrosion resistance is further improved by cladding each surface of the core with another aluminum alloy that totals 10% of the total sheet thickness.

A 10 mil polymer film is laminated over a galvanized coated sheet to create the premier coating available today. The TRENCHCOAT protective film is a tough, rugged polyolefin laminate that provides galvanized CSP a durable barrier that exceeds the corrosion and abrasion resistance of all other coatings with the added feature of providing a service life in excess of 100 years.

Colonial’s HDPE Pipe and accessories include:

Single Wall HDPE

  • 4″ x 100′ SW Slotted
  • 4″ x 100′ SW Solid
  • 4″ x 100′ SW Slot w/ Sock
  • 4″ x 250′ SW Solid
  • 4″ x 250′ SW Slot w/ Sock
  • 4″ x 250′ SW Slotted
  • 6″ x 100′ SW Slotted
  • 6″ x 100′ SW Solid
  • 6″ x 100′ SW Slot w/ Sock
  • 10″ x 20′ SW Slotted
  • 10″ x 20′ SW Solid
  • 12″ x 20′ SW Solid
  • 12″ x 20′ SW Slotted
  • 15″ x 20′ SW Slotted
  • 15″ x 20′ SW Solid
  • 18″ x 20′ SW Solid
  • 18″ x 20′ SW Slotted
  • 24″ x 20′ SW Solid
  • 24″ x 20′ SW Slotted


Double Wall HDPE

  • 4″ x 20′ DW Solid
  • 4″ x 20′ DW Slotted
  • 6″ x 20′ DW Solid
  • 6″ x 20′ DW Slotted
  • 8″ x 20′ DW Solid
  • 8″ x 20′ DW Slotted
  • 10″ x 20′ DW Slotted
  • 10″ x 20′ DW Solid
  • 12″ x 20′ DW Solid
  • 12″ x 20′ DW Slotted
  • 15″ x 20′ DW Solid
  • 15″ x 20′ DW Slotted
  • 18″ x 20′ DW Solid
  • 18″ x 20′ DW Slotted
  • 24″ x 20′ DW Slotted
  • 24″ x 20′ DW Solid
  • 30″ x 20′ DW Solid
  • 30″ x 20′ DW Slotted
  • 36″ x 20′ DW Solid
  • 36″ x 20′ DW Slotted
  • 42″ X 20′ DW Solid
  • 42″ x 20′ DW Slotted
  • 48″ x 20′ DW Solid
  • 48″ x 20′ DW Slotted
  • 60″ x 20′ DW Solid
  • 60″ x 20′ DW Slotted
  • Large Diameter HDPE
  • Corrugated Metal Pipe
  • EZ – Flow pipe
  • Schedule 40 Pipe
  • SDR 35
  • Corrugated Metal Structures
  • Composite Trench Drains
  • DPE Trench Drains
  • Nyloplast Basins
  • Trench Drain Forms
  • NDS Drain Basins