Flexamat Provides Armoring and Erosion Control at Airport Rehabilitation Project

Project Details

Heavy Civil and Transportation

Manassas, Virginia

Chemung Contracting Corp.
Aacme General Contractors, Inc.

Critical Products:
Flexamat Plus

Project Status:
Completed Fall 2023

Project Background

4,800 square feet of Flexamat Plus was installed for permanent erosion control in a channel and transition area that experienced high flow at the Manassas Regional Airport.

Flexamat is a flexible low-profile revetment mat for erosion control in channels and transition areas from pavement to vegetation. It is the only concrete block mat that meets FAA 139 height restrictions (less than 3 inches) and is being used by both the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the US Air Force Center for Engineering and Environment (USAF/AFCEE). Flexamat also mitigates wildlife hazards associated with riprap.

Flexamat Benefits for Airport Projects

Meets FAA standards for obstacle free area (OFA)

Rolled erosion control products are at risk for getting sucked into jets while rip rap stone doesn’t meet height restrictions. Flexamat meets height restrictions and its weight secures it in place.

Easy to maintain

Flexamat is safe to mow over with commercial equipment. It can also be left un-vegetated for simple maintenance.

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